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Dolpo region is Nepals one of the most beautiful and remote areas. The entire region is closed to visitors for a very long time and was opened to tourists not too long ago. Opened in 1989 to foreigners, this region has gained lots of interests from various travel lovers. Before the region was accessible to outsiders, one can only comprehend the irresistible beauty and spiritual richness of Dolpo region in books and some pictures released from early local travelers. The meditative book, The Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen and the marvelous movie, Himalaya Caravan by Eric Valli has presented the raw beauty of the Dolpo region to all the travel enthusiasts.

The increasing interest of travelers into Dolpo region has also increased a high number of travel agencies providing access past Phoksundo Lake to the 800-years-old Shey Gompa. Even though the Dolpo region is attracting many visitors these days, still this region receives only a handful of trekkers every year making the trail less crowded in comparison with other famous trekking trails of Nepal. Similarly, this has also helped in the preservation of the locals art, culture, and lifestyle.

The entire Dolpo region is also highly influenced by Tibetan culture and beliefs. The festivals, dress, language, and assortments are similar to people of Tibet. People residing here are still centuries behind from developments. They are still living their lives as their ancestors used to live hundreds of years ago. Therefore, trekking in the Dolpo region will offer you raw natural beauty as well as tradition.

Covering only 15% of the total land of Nepal, Dolpo region is divided into two parts; Lower Dolpo and Upper Dolpo. The region touches border with Tibet. Likewise, the Dolpo region holds the most beautiful lake of Nepal, Shey Phoksundo Lake at 3,611 meters. During your trek in Dolpo region, you will get to see the gorgeous barren landscape of Nepal along with several Himalayan mountains like Annapurna range (8,091 m), Mt. Dhaulagiri (8,167 m), Mt. Api (7,132 m), Mt. Nilgiri, Kagmara Ri (5,115 m), extra. As Dolpo region falls under the rain shadow of the Annapurna Range and Dhaulagiri Range, monsoon becomes an ideal time of the year to trek in this region when all part of Nepal receives heavy rainfall, this region shines brightly in the sun.

Dolpo region is also very rich in vegetation and wildlife. The region is the home of Nepals largest National Park of Nepal, Shey-Phoksundo National Park. Wildlife like musk deer, jackals, Himalayan griffons, snow-leopards, etc resides here along with several rare species of birds and flora.

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