Chandragiri Hill Day Tour including Cable Car Price

  • Duration 1 Days
  • Destination Nepal
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Starts at Kathmandu
  • Ends at Kathmandu
  • Meals None
  • Accommodation None
  • Max. Altitude 2551 Meters
  • Group Size 1 to 20
  • Best Season Spring and Autumn
  • Breathtaking cable car ride to the hill's summit
  • Panoramic views of the Kathmandu Valley and Himalayan ranges
  • Exploration of the historical Chandragiri Fort
  • Picturesque hiking trails through lush greenery
  • Tranquil ambiance for relaxation and meditation
  • Opportunity for birdwatching and wildlife spotting
  • Cultural insights into Nepal's heritage and history
  • Local Nepali cuisine and international dining options
  • Ideal setting for photography and capturing stunning vistas
  • Chance to witness stunning sunrise and sunset views
  • Family-friendly activities and entertainment
  • Souvenir shopping for unique gifts and memorabilia

You can see the Kathmandu Valley and its surroundings from the mountaintop on a Chandragiri Hills Day Tour. Chandragiri Hills provides cable cars as a means of transportation. It is situated on the southwest side of the Kathmandu Valley, 2551 meters above sea level, and seven kilometers from Thankot. The Chandragiri Hill is a recently opened best viewpoint near the Kathmandu Valley. If you are interested in doing the Chandragiri Hill Day Tour, Green Valley Nepal Treks can help you get ready for this stroll perfectly.

Buddhist and Hindu religions coexist on Chandragiri Hill. Participating in the Chandragiri Hills Day Trip you can explore the religious location devoted to Buddhists and Hindus. The hill offers expansive views of both the Kathmandu Valley and the Himalayan mountain ranges, including Annapurna and Everest. You can also take in views of significant mountains like Ganesh Himal, Mount Manaslu, Langtang Lirung, etc. if the weather is clear and you have access to a pair of personal binoculars. For both Nepalese and tourists from other countries, Chandragiri Hill is becoming more and more popular. It is situated in a stunning green hill town and makes for the ideal day trip from the Kathmandu Valley.

Due to the poor condition of the road, the location was neglected and less visited in the past; however, since a concrete road and Chandragiri hill cable car service were recently constructed, more people are now visiting the summit. Tourists can hire a car to take them to Chandragiri's gate, or they can purchase a Chandragiri Hill cable car ticket and take a thrilling ride to the summit. On weekdays, the cable car operates from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, while on weekends and holidays, it operates from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. The 2.5-kilometer trip will be covered in 10–12 minutes.

Due to the enormous Lord Shiva temple that is perched atop a hill, Chandragiri Top is particularly well-known among Hindu pilgrims and can be reached in only 20 minutes. Since there are no cable car services available anywhere else but on the route to Muktinath Temple, riding a cable car to Chandragiri Hill is the primary attraction. As a result, a lot of visitors come to experience this and remember the grandeur of this highest hill close to the Kathmandu Valley.

Along with a resort, a swimming pool, a view tower, a children's park, and other amenities, Chandragiri Hill is home to the well-known Bhaleshwor Mahadev Temple of Lord Shiva. The Kathmandu valley also holds special significance for Chandragiri Hill. According to mythology, the great monarch Prithvi Narayan Shah was drawn to Chandragiri while traveling from his maternal home in Makwanpur back to his realm of Gorkha.

From these hills, King Prithvi Narayan Shah first saw the Kathmandu Valley, which was far more beautiful and prosperous. This sight actually gave the king the notion to annex the valley into his empire. The Kingdom of Gorkha brought together all the small nations to form what is now known as the larger Nepal due to its beauty and position. As it combines culture and relaxation, this Chandragiri Hills Day Tour ensures that all of its guests have a great time.

You can start a conversation with professionals from Green Valley Nepal Treks by sending an email at [email protected]. If you need an instant reply, you can call or leave a message on WhatsApp at +977 9841 392186 to learn more about the Chandragiri Hills Day Tour. We offer a cheap Chandragiri day tour cost from $50-$125, departing every day from Kathmandu.

Benefits of Booking Chandragiri Hills Day Tour with us

  • Hotel Pickup And Drop off service
  • Green Valley Nepal Trek T-Shirt
  • Discounts and Extra services for old customers
  • Arrangement of the best hotels at a reasonable price if requested

What You Can Expect from the Chandragiri Hills Day Tour?

The Chandragiri Hill Day Tour caters to the cravings of avid hikers and nature enthusiasts. Picture yourself starting the day with a refreshing trek through lush trails, where every step seems to unveil new secrets of the terrain. The trail's twists and turns add an element of surprise, keeping your senses tingling with anticipation. You can make this tour more amazing by combining our Kathmandu City Sightseeing Tour or Kathmandu Day Tour.

As you ascend, the grandeur of the landscape gradually unfolds. Imagine standing atop the Chandgragiri hill, the world stretching out before you in panoramic splendor. The spellbinding play of light and shadow over the Kathmandu Valley is a sight to behold, igniting a sense of wonder and serenity within you.

The Chandragiri Hill Day Tour isn't just about hiking; it's a holistic experience that combines adventure with cultural immersion. During your journey, you'll encounter local communities nestled in the foothills. Engage with the warm smiles of villagers, and get a taste of their traditional lifestyle, which remains intricately woven into the fabric of these hills.

Capture moments of amazement as you go through tangled forests and wide-open meadows, each step a chance to appreciate nature's beauty. You can escape the city's bustle and immerse yourself in the peace of the hills during the excursion.

Whether you're a solo explorer, a nature-loving couple, or a family seeking an unforgettable outing, the Chandragiri Hill Day Tour caters to all. Feel the rush of excitement and the tranquility of nature intertwining as you embark on this adventure.

Who is Suitable for the Chandragiri Hills Day Tour?

Are you ready to embark on a mesmerizing adventure that combines nature's beauty, history, and panoramic views? A Chandragiri Hill Day Tour is an experience that holds something for everyone. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or simply seeking a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, this tour promises a day filled with awe-inspiring moments and unforgettable memories.

  • Nature Lovers

If you find solace in the embrace of nature, Chandragiri Hill is tailor-made for you. The lush greenery, pristine air, and breathtaking vistas provide the perfect backdrop for a serene getaway. Imagine strolling through winding trails surrounded by the symphony of chirping birds and rustling leaves. The hill's diverse flora and fauna will leave you captivated at every turn. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the vibrant landscapes that unfold before your eyes.

  • History Enthusiasts

For those with a penchant for history, a Chandragiri Hill Day Tour offers a unique opportunity to delve into the past. The hill holds historical significance dating back to the time of King Prithvi Narayan Shah, the unifier of Nepal. The iconic Chandragiri Fort stands as a testament to the hill's rich heritage. As you explore the fort's remnants and learn about its storied past, you'll be transported to a different era, gaining insights into the region's cultural evolution.

  • Families and Friends

Looking for a memorable outing with your loved ones? Chandragiri Hill provides an ideal setting for families and friends to bond and create lasting memories. The cable car ride itself is an exciting adventure, offering panoramic glimpses of the valley below. Once at the hilltop, enjoy a leisurely picnic amidst the cool mountain breeze or share laughter while exploring the various viewpoints. Children will be enthralled by the cable car journey, making it a family-friendly experience.

  • Seekers of Tranquility

Sometimes, all we need is a tranquil escape to rejuvenate our spirits. Chandragiri Hill offers a sanctuary away from the noise and chaos of urban life. As you stand atop the hill, gazing at the sprawling landscape below and the majestic Himalayas in the distance, a sense of calmness will wash over you. It's an opportunity to disconnect from the world and reconnect with your inner self.

  • Inquisitive Travelers

If you're the kind of traveler who seeks off-the-beaten-path destinations and unique experiences, a Chandragiri Hill Day Tour won't disappoint. It's a hidden gem waiting to be explored. The cable car ride itself is an adventure, and the hill's tranquility and natural beauty offer a refreshing change from the usual tourist spots.

Preparation for Chandragiri Hills Day Tour

Embarking on a ChandragiriHillsDay Tour is an exciting endeavor that promises breathtaking views, enriching experiences, and memorable moments. To ensure that your journey is smooth and enjoyable, a bit of preparation goes a long way. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-timer, these essential tips will help you make the most of your adventure to this enchanting destination.

  • Check the Weather: Before you set out, take a moment to check the weather forecast for Chandragiri Hills. The climate can vary, so knowing whether to expect sunshine or rain will help you dress appropriately and pack any necessary gear, such as umbrellas or rain jackets.
  • Comfortable Footwear: Since you'll be exploring the hill's trails and viewpoints, comfortable footwear is a must. Opt for sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots that provide support and grip, ensuring your feet stay comfortable throughout the day.
  • Dress in Layers: Chandragiri Hills' elevation can lead to varying temperatures throughout the day. Dressing in layers allows you to adapt to changing conditions. You can easily shed or add clothing as needed to stay comfortable.
  • Pack Snacks and Water: While there are facilities available on the hill, having some light snacks and a water bottle in your backpack is a good idea. These provisions will keep you energized and hydrated as you explore the hill's attractions.
  • Camera and Binoculars: Chandragiri Hills offers stunning vistas that you'll want to capture forever. Bring along your camera or smartphone to document the breathtaking landscapes. If you're into birdwatching or spotting distant landmarks, consider packing a pair of binoculars.
  • Sun Protection: Protect yourself from the sun's rays by wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat. The higher altitude can intensify the sun's effects, so taking these precautions will ensure you enjoy the tour without any worries.
  • Cable Car Tickets: If you plan to take the cable car to reach the hilltop, make sure to purchase your tickets in advance or upon arrival. The cable car ride itself is an adventure, offering panoramic views of the surroundings.
  • Travel Documents: While a Chandragiri Hills Day Tour is relatively straightforward, it's always a good practice to carry some form of identification, just in case. Keep your identification, a copy of your travel insurance, and any necessary permits in a secure and easily accessible place.
  • Respect Local Customs: Remember that you're visiting a place with its own cultural norms and practices. Show respect to the local culture and customs, such as dressing modestly when required and following any guidelines provided.
  • Plan Your Itinerary: Research the attractions and viewpoints you want to visit in Chandragiri Hills. Having a rough itinerary will help you make the most of your time and ensure you don't miss out on any highlights.
  • Mind the Cable Car Schedule: Take note of the cable car operating hours, especially if you plan to catch a specific sunset or sunrise view. Arriving at the cable car station well in advance will save you any last-minute rush.
  • Stay Hydrated: The altitude and walking can cause dehydration. Carry a refillable water bottle and take sips regularly to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Chandragiri Hills Day Tour Cost 2024 and 2025

Chandragiri Hills Day tour Cost starts from USD 40 per person and it might reach up to USD 98, depending on the group size. Please follow for the group price details:

No. of PaxStarting Price/PersonAction
1USD 98Contact Us
2 to 3USD 70 per personContact Us
4 to 5USD 60 per personContact Us
6 to 10USD 50 per personContact Us
11 to 15USD 40 per personContact Us

Note: If you want to discuss the Chandragiri Hill Day Tour Itineraryand Cost, feel free to Contact or WhatsApp us. We are available 24x7 for you.

Chandragiri Cable Car Ticket Price/Cost

NationalityOne Way PriceReturn Price
NepaleseNPR 415NPR 700
ChineseUSD 9USD 15
OthersUSD 13USD 22
Day to Day Itinerary
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Between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m., following the pre-trip meeting, your "Chandragiri Hills Day Tour" will begin. A knowledgeable guide will accompany you in a private vehicle. From Thamel, it may take one to one and a half hours to go to the Chandragiri cable car station.

You will use a cable car to get to the summit of the Chandragiri Hills from the cable car station. You can explore all of Kathmandu City and the lovely surroundings of Chandragiri after ascending the hill. You will have plenty of time to explore Bhaleshwor Mahadev, a Hindu shrine that is situated on Chandragiri Hill, southwest of Kathmandu Valley. Before proceeding to Chandragiri Cable Car Station, you can also tour Chandragiri Hill Resort and sip on some coffee.

After leaving the hill and returning to your accommodation using the same vehicle, your Chandragiri Hills Day Tour will come to an end. Other day trips provided by Green Valley Nepal Treks include as follows:

    Our team guides, porters and accompanying staff are locals with a broad knowledge about each and every location that we travel through.

    Cost Includes
    • Pickup from your hotel in Kathmandu and drive to Chandragiri Cable Car station by private vehicle
    • Both way Cable Car Ticket
    • One professional English-Speaking Tour Guide
    • Private Vehicle to Kathmandu (your hotel) rom Chandragiri Cable Car Station
    • All services Charges and taxes
    Cost Excludes
    • All kinds of drinks, meals and tips for guide and driver
    Departure Dates
    Start:FridayJun 14, 2024
    End:FridayJun 14, 2024
    Start:SaturdayJun 15, 2024
    End:SaturdayJun 15, 2024
    Start:SundayJun 16, 2024
    End:SundayJun 16, 2024
    Start:MondayJun 17, 2024
    End:MondayJun 17, 2024
    Start:TuesdayJun 18, 2024
    End:TuesdayJun 18, 2024
    Start:WednesdayJun 19, 2024
    End:WednesdayJun 19, 2024
    Start:ThursdayJun 20, 2024
    End:ThursdayJun 20, 2024
    Start:FridayJun 21, 2024
    End:FridayJun 21, 2024
    Start:SaturdayJun 22, 2024
    End:SaturdayJun 22, 2024
    Start:SundayJun 23, 2024
    End:SundayJun 23, 2024
    Start:MondayJun 24, 2024
    End:MondayJun 24, 2024
    Start:TuesdayJun 25, 2024
    End:TuesdayJun 25, 2024
    Start:WednesdayJun 26, 2024
    End:WednesdayJun 26, 2024
    Start:ThursdayJun 27, 2024
    End:ThursdayJun 27, 2024
    Start:FridayJun 28, 2024
    End:FridayJun 28, 2024
    Start:SaturdayJun 29, 2024
    End:SaturdayJun 29, 2024
    Start:SundayJun 30, 2024
    End:SundayJun 30, 2024
    Useful Info

    Chandragiri Hills Day Tour Best Time

    If you're seeking an unforgettable escape to nature's embrace, a Chandragiri Hills Day Tour offers a breathtaking journey through panoramic vistas and historical wonders. But what's the best time to embark on this enchanting adventure?

    • Springtime Serenity (March to May)

    As winter bids adieu and nature awakens, spring paints Chandragiri Hills in a vibrant tapestry of colors. March to May is an ideal time to embark on your day tour. The weather is pleasantly mild, the flora comes to life in a burst of blossoms, and the air is filled with a refreshing crispness. Walking along the trails becomes a sensory delight as the rhododendrons and other wildflowers create a picturesque scene.

    • Summer's Tranquil Escape (June to August)

    Summer is another favored season for a Chandragiri Hills Day Tour. Despite the warmer temperatures, the hill's higher elevation provides a cool and invigorating escape from the sweltering heat of the city. The lush greenery remains vibrant, and the clear skies offer unobstructed views of the surrounding landscapes. It's a perfect opportunity to explore the trails and viewpoints without the crowds that are often found during peak tourist seasons.

    • Autumn's Grandeur (September to November)

    If you're drawn to the allure of crisp mountain air and clear skies, autumn is the best time to embark on your Chandragiri Hills adventure. From September to November, the monsoon season bids farewell, leaving behind rejuvenated landscapes. The hill is adorned with a palette of warm hues as the leaves turn golden and red. This season also offers the chance to witness the stunning Himalayan range in all its glory, creating a backdrop that's nothing short of magical.

    • Winter Wonder (December to February)

    While the temperatures may be colder, a Chandragiri Hills Day Tour during the winter months holds its own unique charm. The snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas provide a breathtaking contrast to the greenery below. The clear winter skies offer unparalleled views, and the hill's serene ambiance makes it an ideal setting for a peaceful getaway. Just be sure to bundle up and embrace the cozy atmosphere.

    • Sunrise and Sunset Splendor

    Regardless of the season, the moments of sunrise and sunset are truly magical in Chandragiri Hills. Watching the sunrise from behind the majestic mountains or set in a blaze of colors is an experience that will etch itself into your memory forever. If you're a photography enthusiast, these moments offer the perfect opportunity to capture the hill's beauty in its changing hues.

    Food and Accommodation Availability during Chandragiri Hills Day Tour

    Embarking on a Chandragiri Hills Day Tour isn't just about exploring the natural wonders and historical sites. It's also an opportunity to indulge in delectable cuisine and find comfort in well-appointed accommodations.

    • Food for Every Palate

    Chandragiri Hills offers a range of dining options that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you're craving local Nepali dishes, international cuisine, or something in between, you'll find plenty to satisfy your appetite. The hill's restaurants and eateries serve up a variety of dishes, from traditional momos and dal bhat to continental and Asian fusion cuisine.

    • Local Delights

    Don't miss the chance to savor authentic Nepali flavors. Indulge in the rich spices and aromatic herbs that define Nepali cuisine. From the iconic momos (steamed dumplings) to hearty curries, your taste buds are in for a treat.

    • Comfort and Convenience

    While a Chandragiri Hills Day Tour is typically designed for a day trip, the hill does offer comfortable resting spots if you wish to extend your stay. Here are some options to consider:

    1. Viewpoint Cafes: Enjoy a meal or snack at one of the viewpoint cafes while soaking in the stunning landscapes. These cafes provide a unique dining experience with breathtaking views as your backdrop.
    2. Chandragiri Village Resort: If you're looking for a more leisurely visit, the Chandragiri Village Resort offers comfortable accommodations with modern amenities. You can enjoy a relaxed stay amidst the serene surroundings of the hill.
    • Planning Your Meals

    While there are dining options available in Chandragiri Hills, it's a good idea to plan ahead, especially during peak tourist seasons. If you have specific dietary preferences or restrictions, inform the staff in advance, and they'll do their best to accommodate your needs.

    • Pack Light Snacks

    For those who prefer to have a snack on hand, consider packing some light snacks and a water bottle in your bag. These provisions will come in handy during your exploration of the hill's attractions.

    • Making the Most of Your Experience

    The culinary offerings on Chandragiri Hills add to the overall experience of your day tour. Whether you're pausing for a quick bite or enjoying a leisurely meal, the food options cater to both your appetite and your desire to immerse yourself in the local flavors.

    Chandragiri Hills Day Tour Difficulty

    Chandragiri Hills Day Tour is an adventure that promises awe-inspiring vistas and a glimpse into history. But what about the difficulty level of this journey?

    • Trail Variety and Fitness Levels

    Chandragiri Hills offers a range of trails, each catering to different fitness levels and preferences. The trails can vary from easy to moderate in terms of difficulty. If you're a novice hiker or simply looking for a leisurely stroll, there are trails that require minimal exertion and offer rewarding views. On the other hand, if you're an experienced trekker seeking more of a challenge, there are trails that involve uphill climbs and longer distances.

    • Cable Car Convenience

    For those who may be concerned about the physical demands of hiking, the Chandragiri Hills Cable Car provides a convenient alternative. The cable car ride takes you to the hill's summit without requiring strenuous physical effort. This option is particularly helpful for individuals with mobility issues or those seeking a more relaxed experience.

    • Altitude Consideration

    Chandragiri Hills boasts an elevation of around 2,551 meters (8,369 feet) above sea level. While this elevation is not extremely high, it's still important to be mindful of potential altitude-related effects, such as mild breathlessness or fatigue. Staying hydrated and taking breaks as needed can help you acclimate comfortably.

    • Weather Variability

    The weather in Chandragiri Hills can change unexpectedly due to its elevation. While the cable car ride minimizes exposure to weather fluctuations, those opting for hiking trails should be prepared for varying conditions. Dressing in layers and carrying essential items like sunscreen, a hat, and a light rain jacket can ensure you're ready for any weather changes.

    • Know Your Limits

    It's important to be aware of your own physical limitations and choose activities that align with your fitness level. If you're new to hiking or have any health concerns, consider starting with easier trails or opting for the cable car ride. Remember that the goal is to enjoy the experience without pushing yourself to the point of discomfort.

    • Preparation is Key

    No matter your fitness level, proper preparation can enhance your Chandragiri Hills Day Tour. Wear comfortable footwear, dress in appropriate clothing for the weather, and carry essentials such as water, snacks, and a basic first aid kit. Staying hydrated and taking breaks to rest and soak in the surroundings will contribute to a more enjoyable experience.

    Requirements of Travel Insurance for Chandragiri Hills Day Tour

    It is entirely up to the person to get travel insurance for the Chandragiri Hill Day Tour. The decision to purchase it is yours. The purchase of insurance is not required for this trip. Since there are no substantial danger factors, such as mountain treks, you won't need that. You could experience small to major accidents while touring Nepal's various regions. If you consider those scenarios, you could decide to buy insurance to be safe. But till now, there haven't been any events like that, and we hope there won't be in the future either.

    Chandragiri Hills Day Tour Packing List

    • Sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots
    • Weather-appropriate clothing (layers)
    • Hat and sunglasses
    • Rain jacket or poncho
    • Refillable water bottle
    • Snacks for energy
    • Personal medications and basic first aid kit
    • Sunscreen and insect repellent
    • Mobile phone and charger
    • Small backpack
    • Camera or smartphone
    • Extra memory cards
    • Identification
    • Lightweight towel or handkerchief
    • Reusable shopping bag

    Remember to tailor the list to your personal needs and preferences for a comfortable and enjoyable experience on your Chandragiri Hills Day Tour.

    • Absolutely! The tour offers various trails and the cable car ride, making it suitable for families with children of different ages. Just ensure to choose an appropriate trail or activity that matches your family's comfort level.

    • Yes, there are dining options available on Chandragiri Hills. You can find a variety of local and international dishes at the hill's restaurants and cafes.

    • Yes, you can visit Chandragiri Hills during the monsoon season, but be prepared for rain. The lush landscapes during this time can offer a unique charm, and the cable car ride minimizes exposure to weather changes.

    • The autumn months (September to November) generally offer the best chance for clear views of the Himalayas, as the skies are usually clear and the weather is more stable.

    • Yes, the Chandragiri Village Resort offers accommodations for those who wish to extend their stay. However, the tour is primarily designed for a day trip.

    • No, you don't need extensive hiking experience. There are trails suitable for various fitness levels, and the cable car offers a convenient way to reach the hill's summit.

    • Yes, the Chandragiri Fort holds historical significance and offers insights into the region's past. It's a great place to explore for history enthusiasts.

    • Pack essentials like water, snacks, a rain jacket, sunscreen, sunglasses, identification, and a camera or smartphone for capturing memories.

    • Yes, you can purchase cable car tickets on the spot at the cable car station.

    • Yes, the cable car ride provides a comfortable way for senior citizens to reach the hill's summit. Additionally, there are less strenuous trails that offer stunning views.

    • Respect local customs and dress modestly, especially when visiting cultural or religious sites.

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