Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike from Pokhara - 1 Day

  • Duration 1 Day
  • Destination Nepal
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Starts at Pokhara
  • Ends at Pokhara
  • Max. Altitude 1600 Meters (Sarangkot)
  • Activity Hiking
  • Group Size 1 to 15
  • Best Season Whole Year
  • Enjoy the mesmerizing sunrise view from the Sarangkot Viewpoint after 8 km of hike.
  • Awestruck view of over 20 peaks of 2 different mountain ranges of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Manaslu.
  • Pass different local villages, terraced farms, cattle grazing, and locals greeting and welcoming you with their warm hospitality.
  • Somehow challenging and steep day hike compared to others offering you the best of adventures.
  • Get amazing aerial views of the Pokhara Valley, Phewa Lake, and limitless green landscapes.
  • A perfect place to spend your morning if you love being over the clouds and watching sunlight strike the mountain peaks.

Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike in Pokhara Overview

Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike in Pokhara is one of the most-loved and preferred hiking destinations in Pokhara. Both national and international tourists love to visit this place and watch the mesmerizing view of sunrise while also getting the magical view of golden mountain peaks due to the sunlight striking.

To watch the sunrise view, hikers need to set off on an early morning hike that most often starts at around 3 in the morning. Reaching from the base of Sarangkot to the view tower takes around 3 hours for the trekkers, which is mostly when the sun rises from the east. However, there are mere cases of delays due to weather uncertainty.

The hike to Sarangkot from Pokhara starts as the representatives from Green Valley Nepal Treks pick you up from the hotel. After that, you will reach the Kaharaya Area, the starting point of the Sarangkot View Point Hike after around 15 minutes of driving.

The hike takes you through eye-soothing scenarios, rhododendron blooms, steep stone ladders, a few village settlements in the way, and amazing greenery. As you reach close to the top of the Sarangkot view tower, you can see several hill restaurants and lodges, zip lining and paragliding spots, and also the closest views of different snow-covered peaks. Just remember that the whole route of the Sarangkot day hike from Pokhara keeps you as close as possible to nature, greenery, and mountains.

After almost 3 hours of walking, you will be watching probably the best sunrise view of your life from an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level. Just imagine, you get to experience these many things just by walking 8 km from the Pokhara Valley. If you have already visited Sarangkot, we have other option for you:

Benefits of Booking Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike in Pokhara with us

Green Valley Nepal Treks has been offering trekking, touring, and hiking services for over a decade. We have the best and the experienced team of guides and representatives to make the hiking journey more informational, adventurous, and memorable for the tourists. Moreover, there are several other reasons why you must choose us for the Sarangkot View Point Hike from Pokhara:

  • We offer pickup service from the hotel to the base of Sarangkot.
  • Professional English-speaking guide to lead you throughout the hike.
  • A T-shirt from Green Valley Nepal Treks as a souvenir for the hikers.
  • We make sure that all the queries of hikers are answered by the guide.
  • Drop-off service in the private vehicle from the endpoint of the hike to the hotel.
  • Green Valley Adventures ensures and takes care of the safety, adventures, and well-being of the hikers.

What You Can Expect from Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike in Pokhara?

Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike is one of the amazing and highly preferred day hiking routes in Pokhara. We don't even ask you not to have high expectations from this hiking journey because it certainly has everything that one can expect from a one-day hike.

  • You can expect to get the most appealing and mesmerizing view of the mountain peaks like Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre (Fishtail), Annapurna I, II, and III, and Manaslu.
  • Hikers can also expect to be on one of the most challenging and adventurous hiking routes almost all over Nepal.
  • You can also expect to interact with the locals living in that area and get to know more about the Sarangkot Hill viewpoint from them.
  • Sarangkot hike is also a perfect place to experience the peaceful side of the world and enjoy the serenity to the fullest.
  • You can also expect a 15-minute scenic drive from Pokhara lakeside to the starting point of the Sarangkot Day Hike.

For Whom Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike in Pokhara is Suitable?

The Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike in Pokhara is suitable for a wide range of people due to its easy difficulty level and the stunning rewards it offers. Here’s a breakdown of who might find this hike particularly enjoyable and suitable:

  • Nature and Mountain Lovers: The hike offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges, making it ideal for those who appreciate natural beauty and majestic mountain vistas.The viewpoint is famous for its spectacular sunrise and sunset views over the Himalayas.
  • Casual Hikers and Beginners: The hike is relatively easy and accessible to people with varying levels of fitness. It’s a great option for those new to hiking or looking for a less strenuous trek.The hike can be completed in a few hours, making it suitable for those who prefer shorter day hikes.
  • Cultural Enthusiasts: Along the trail and in Sarangkot village, hikers can experience local Nepali culture and hospitality, adding a cultural dimension to the hike.Staying in local homestays provides a unique cultural experience, allowing hikers to interact with local families and enjoy traditional Nepali food.
  • Adventure Seekers: Sarangkot is also a popular spot for paragliding. Adventure seekers can combine the hike with a thrilling paragliding experience, enjoying aerial views of the mountains and Pokhara Valley.
  • Photographers: With its stunning landscapes, the Sarangkot Viewpoint offers excellent opportunities for photography, especially during sunrise and sunset when the light is particularly beautiful. Photographers can capture not only mountain views but also local village life and landscapes along the trail.

Preparation for Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike in Pokhara

Let us shed some light on how you can prepare yourself for the Sarangkot Viewpoint Hiking from Pokhara:

  • Prioritize Physical and Mental Fitness: If you want to have a successful hike (which every hiker wants), you need to look out for your physical and mental fitness. We recommend you go for some outdoor exercises, running, skipping, etc. while also enhancing your focusing skills.
  • Do some research on your own: Don't just plan a trip and stay idle until the day of the hike Instead, try watching different videos, vlogs, reading blogs, articles, etc. to prepare yourself well.
  • Release Negative Habits: If you have habits of smoking, drinking, or any other intoxication, please say goodbye to them. These habits can hamper your physical and mental health, leading to an unsuccessful hiking adventure.
  • Consult a trekking or hiking agency: One of the best ways to know about any hiking trekking or travel routes is by talking to the best trekking agency. You can trust Green Valley Nepal treks for the most legit information and briefing about the Sarangkot Day Hike from Pokhara.
  • Listen to the Guide: Local guides have the deepest knowledge about any place. Therefore, they can offer you the most safe and convenient to reach the Sarangkot viewpoint. Therefore, always establish a habit of listening to the guide leading your way.

Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike in Pokhara Cost 2024 and 2025

Are you looking for the most affordable yet enjoyable hiking journey to the Sarangkot Viewpoint? Green Valley Nepal Treks offers the perfect and reasonable cost for a Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike in Pokhara.

With amazing services, thorough information, and guidance, we ensure you the most affordable hike to the Sarangkot viewpoint. Check out the price table of the Sarangkot Viewpoint package offered by Green Valley Nepal Treks in the table below:

No. of PaxStarting PriceAction
1 USD 100Send Inquiry
 USD 60 per personSend Inquiry
3 to 5 USD 50 per personSend Inquiry
6 to 13USD 40 per personSend Inquiry
Day to Day Itinerary
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  • Early Morning Pickup from Hotel and Drive to Kaharaya Area (15 minutes’ drive)

Green Valley Nepal Treks' representatives will pick you up in a private vehicle and take you on a 15-minute drive to the Kaharaya Area, the starting point of the Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike.

  • Hiking towards the Sarangkot View Point (1600 meters) - approx. 3 hours

Once you reach the Kahariya area, the vehicle drops you off and your hike to the Sarangkot viewpoint commences. As you start your journey and reach a certain altitude you will see the Pokhara valley being left behind. This also starts the sight of several traditional houses, and get a peek of the rural lifestyle.

After walking for approximately 3 hours and crossing many traditional houses, farms, vegetation, and beautiful landscapes, you finally reach the top of the Sarangkot hill. There, you can see a big space, and on the right, the Sarangkot view tower. If you go there during peak season, you can expect to have many people waiting to watch the sun coming out of the eastern skies.

A few moments of waiting until the western sky turns golden with a peek from the sun. If you turn around, you can see the sunlight striking the mountains and turning them golden. This peculiar view is rarely seen anywhere else. Therefore, it's your time to take out your camera and smartphone and start capturing the moment.

  • Return from the Viewpoint and Drive Back to the Hotel

After watching the sunrise, you can also take some sips of the local tea sold there which might be a little expensive than usual. Stay on the Sarangkot hill for some time, experience the cool morning breeze and you can start seeing people zip lining and paragliding.

Once you spend quality time at the Sarangkot viewpoint, you will set back on the journey to the base of the view tower which will take 1 to 2 hours. You can also have breakfast on your way down as there are several hotels, tea houses, and lodges on the way. When you reach the base, you will see our vehicle waiting for you. Get in the vehicle and drive back to your hotel.

  • 3 to 4 Hours
  • 10 Kilometers

Our team guides, porters and accompanying staff are locals with a broad knowledge about each and every location that we travel through.

Cost Includes
  • Pickup from your hotel to the Sarangkot hike initial point.
  • An English-speaking professional guide to lead the path.
  • Drop off at the hotel in a private vehicle after the hike.
  • A t-shirt as a souvenir from Green Valley Nepal Treks' side.
  • Sarangkot View Tower entry fees.
Cost Excludes
  • Food and water during the hiking journey.
  • Any extra expenditure made throughout the hike.
  • Tips are given to the guide or hotel staff.
Departure Dates
Start:FridayJun 14, 2024
End:FridayJun 14, 2024
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End:SaturdayJun 15, 2024
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Start:SundayJun 30, 2024
End:SundayJun 30, 2024
Useful Info

Insights on the Sarangkot Viewpoint

Sarangkot Viewpoint is located in the Sarangkot Ward, which is ward no. 18 of Pokhara, Kaski District Nepal. This place is a major tourist attraction of the whole Kaski district because of the landscapes and magical views. Moreover, the whole Sarangkot Hill area is very peaceful and quiet because of the minimum population.

Regardless of the place being at an altitude of 1600 meters, this viewpoint has all the facilities that you might not expect it to have. From luxurious hotels, and lodges to multiple food menus, from Wi-Fi connection to road accessibility, Sarangkot has everything for you. Moreover, the viewpoint is also famous amongst adventure tourists for paragliding and zip lining. Overall, this is a hike no one should miss out on if you are in Pokhara.

Beauties of Pokhara to Sarangkot Hiking

The Sarangkot viewpoint hike from Pokhara is an outstanding example of how pure and amazing nature can be. Besides, this hiking route can also reflect the true beauty of the traditional way of living, peacefulness, and the fun of walking through the cool breeze of the Himalayas.

Throughout the hike, peeking mountains keep eyes on you and support you to reach the height without giving up. The smell of pure atmosphere makes ascending a little easier. Besides, you can also see children running, cattle like goats, cows, etc. grazing, and people doing their everyday work but in a traditional and old style. All these things help you escape the chaos of the city areas and get as close as possible to nature.

Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike in Pokhara Best Time

Choosing the right time for the Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike depends on your preference for weather conditions and crowd levels. Autumn and spring are the most popular and best times for clear views, while winter offers a quieter experience. Monsoon season provides lush landscapes but comes with challenges due to rain.

  • Sunrise: This is the most popular time to go for the stunning views of the Annapurna Himalayas painted with the golden light of the rising sun. Ideally, you want to start your hike around 4:30 am to reach the viewpoint by sunrise, which is usually around 6:00 am. The thing to keep in mind is that because sunrise is so popular, it can get crowded. Also, there's a chance that clouds might obscure the view.
  • Sunset: Another option is to go for the sunset views.  While not quite as spectacular as the sunrise, you will still get to see the mountains bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun.  The advantage of going for sunset is that it's less crowded than sunrise.  However, because of Pokhara's microclimate, there's a higher chance of clouds rolling in and blocking the view in the afternoon.

Food and Accommodation on Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike in Pokhara

In this hiking package in Pokhara, food and accommodation are not included by Green Valley Nepal Treks. However, there are two main options for food and accommodation on the Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike in Pokhara:

  • Eat and Stay in Pokhara

Most people choose to stay in Pokhara Lakeside, which is where most of the hotels and restaurants are located. There are many options to choose from, ranging from budget guesthouses to luxury hotels.

You can eat breakfast at your hotel or one of the many restaurants on Lakeside. There are a wide variety of cuisines available, including Nepali, Indian, Tibetan, Italian, and Mexican.

After breakfast, you can take a taxi to the trailhead for the hike. The ride takes about 15 minutes.

  • Eat and Stay at Sarangkot

There are guesthouses and lodges located at Sarangkot. They offer accommodations and meals. This is a good option if you want to experience the sunrise or sunset views from the viewpoint without having to hike up in the dark or early morning.

You can find a variety of food options catering to different tastes and preferences. Most guesthouses and restaurants offer traditional Nepali cuisine, including dal bhat (lentil soup with rice), momos (dumplings), and various curry dishes. Western food options like pancakes, pasta, and sandwiches are also available. You can also enjoy local tea (masala chai), coffee, and soft drinks. Some places also serve freshly squeezed fruit juices and smoothies.

If you choose to stay at Sarangkot, you can hike down to Pokhara Lakeside in the morning. The hike takes about 1-2 hours.

Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike in Pokhara Difficulty

Sarangkot day Hike from Pokhara is just a day hike that takes around 3-4 hours to ascend and almost a similar amount of time to descend. If you train yourself adequately, you will not have to worry about this hike being difficult at all.

If you have never walked for such long distances, you might find the hike somehow challenging but still if you are an adventure lover, you can overcome these acute obstacles. Besides, we recommend you try some other easy hikes like Australian Camp Hiking from Pokharato gain some experience before planning the Sarangkot Day Hike from Pokhara.

Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike in Pokhara Packing List

Your backpack plays an important role in helping you hike efficiently and successfully. Well, not exactly the backpacks but the things that you carry in your backpacks. Here are a few things that we recommend you carry while going for the Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike in Pokhara.

  • A refillable water bottle to help you stay hydrated throughout the hike.
  • A head torch is required because the hiking journey starts before sunrise.
  • Comfortable and light-weighted clothes and shoes for comfort throughout the hike.
  • Sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the rays of the sun while returning from the Sarangkot viewpoint.
  • Camera and Smartphone to capture the moment of sunshine and the beauty of the Himalayan peaks.
What our travelers saysClient Reviews
  • TripAdvisor

    Great Pre-services and Post Greetings from the GVNT team!

    I came to Nepal, especially to explore the beauty of Pokhara. However, I had no clue about what I should do. With Green Valley Nepal treks, I went for the Sarangkot Hike and the way they responded to me was so lovely. Seriously, GVNT is the best when it comes to making the travelers happy.

    CallumApril 15, 2024Netherlands
  • TripAdvisor

    One Of The Best Sunrise Views I Have Seen In My Life!

    Sarangkot hiking helped me witness the best view of the sun rising slowly from the eastern skies. Moreover, the scene was even more magical when the light of the sun struck the mountain peaks and turned them golden. Thank you Green Valley Nepal Treks for taking me on such an amazing journey. Also, not to forget, GVNT's guide was so professional.

    WayneApril 09, 2024Australia
  • Sarangkot View Tower is located at an altitude of 1600 meters and 8 km far from Pokhara.

  • Saragkot viewpoint is best known for the amazing sunrise view it offers and also for the significantly close sights of different mountains.

  • Sarangkot viewpoint offers a peculiar view of over 20 mountain peaks of two different mountain ranges Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, and Dhaulagiri.

  • Yes, the Sarangkot viewpoint hike from Pokhara is suitable for anyone who wants to watch the best view of sunrise.

  • You just need to be physically fit and mentally prepared for this hiking route. Even if you do not train a lot, you can still opt for this hiking package.

  • The villages in Sarangkot follow the traditional way of living. However, there are several lodges, star hotels, etc., that offer the best services just like any developed city area.

  • Within just 15 minutes of drive from the Pokhara lakeside, you will reach the commencement point of the Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike.

  • You can go for this hike anytime in the day. If you want to watch the sunrise, you should go for the early morning hike otherwise you can also walk the path in the day to enjoy a picnic at the top of the Sarangkot hill.

  • Yes, Sarangkot viewpoint has road accessibility which allows travelers to reach the highest point (1600 meters) on a drive as well.

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