Zipline in Pokhara – Zip Flyer

  • Duration 3 Hours
  • Destination Nepal
  • Starts at Sarangkot
  • Ends at Hemja
  • Max. Altitude 1625 Meters (Sarangkot)
  • Activity Zipline
  • Group Size 1 to 10
  • Best Season Whole Year
  • Experience ziplining from the highest zipline in the world (600m/1.8km) in Pokhara.
  • Get a 360-degree view of the Pokhara valley, different mountains, hills, and greenery around the Pokhara city.
  • An amazing experience of adventure, thrill, and fun, along with a mind-blowing adrenaline rush.
  • Almost a free-flowing experience while zip lining at a speed of 90 miles per hour.
  • A lovely and enjoyable way to get yourself into adventures and thrills.

Zipline (Zip Flyer) in Pokhara Overview

Zipline in Pokhara is one of the most adventurous and adrenaline-rushing activities one can do in this city. Anyone who wants to raise their adrenaline level and get on the highest zip-lining adventure can go for the Zip-lining in Pokhara.

This is one of the most preferred adventure activities in Pokhara besides Bungee Jumping in Pokhara and Seti River Rafting in Pokhara, which attracts hundreds of tourists every month.

Zip Flyer is located in Sarangkot, which is a 30-minute drive from Lakeside and 8 kilometers northwest of Pokhara Valley. The world's tallest, longest, fastest, and steepest zip line is located in Pokhara and spans 1.8 km with 600 meters of vertical drops at a 60-degree slope.

It was constructed in AD 2010. At 1550 meters, Sarangkot Danda is the starting point of the journey, and it ends at 950 meters in Hemja. Sarangkot offers a thrilling vantage point over the Seti River, Fishtail, Annapurna, and Pokhara Valley. To reserve a Sarangkot Viewpoint Hike in Pokhara, contact us as well.

Zip Flyer is a well-known American brand; The Highground Adventure is a franchise of that company. Participants in the adventure who weigh between 35 kg and 125 kg are permitted to participate in the Sarangkot Zipline.

All minors, however, under the age of eighteen, must have guardian signatures on their reservation. Every guest is given a GoPro camera so they may record personalized films.

A platform above a lush forest with views of the Himalayas, the Seti River Valley, and Hemja town, the Sarangkot Zipline captivates thrill-seekers. With a customized harness seat and a top speed of 120 km/h, the world's longest zip line causes anyone's heart to race.

Constructed in 2021, the Superman zipline spans 1850 meters and can travel at a speed of 140 km/h, making it the longest in the world. One activity that visitors to Pokhara shouldn't skip is ziplining. Travelers and adventure seekers can enjoy an exciting and safe experience with one of the most daring activities.

The Pokhara Zip Flyer, also famous as the highest zip lining in the world, offers this service in any weather condition. No matter when you feel like having some adventure, you can simply book the Zipline Adventure in Pokhara package with Green Valley Nepal Treks and go for it. No matter whether you are with your family, children, or whatever, if you do not try the Ziplining adventure in Pokhara, you miss one of the best things to do in this city. There are other adventure activities in Pokhara, you can take part in like:

Benefits of Booking Zipline Pokhara Adventure with us

  • Green Valley Nepal Treks assures the best and the most adventurous zip line adventure for tourists.
  • We offer pickup and drop facilities to the tourists, where we pick them up from the hotel and drop them off at the hotel after the zip lining in Pokhara.
  • You can also get your photos and videos taken for free because people charge for the media as well.
  • Major benefit: An overall zip line adventure in Pokhara worth every cent you spend.
  • Special discount for previous clients of Green Valley Nepal Treks.

What You Can Expect from Ziplining Adventure in Pokhara?

Zip lining is one of the best outdoor adventurous activities people visit Nepal for. Expectations and adventures are very high for the visitors once they get ready for the ziplining adventure. So, here are a few things that you can expect from the Zipline in Pokhara:

  • Amazing and adventurous experience of sliding/zip lining from the Sarangkot viewpoint.
  • You can expect to see an aerial view of the Pokhara Valley, green forests, traditional houses, and people on the land.
  • Expect the side-by-side view of the Annapurna and Machhapucchre mountains along with the aerial view of the Seti gorge.
  • Expect to spend a part of your day with some amazing adventure and adrenaline-popping activity rather than staying idle at the Pokhara Lakeside.

Is Zip Line in Pokhara Suitable For You?

  • Are you strolling in Pokhara searching for the perfect way to spend a part of the day with some adventurous activity? In that case, you should go for the Ziplining Adventure in Pokhara.
  • If you want to try the highest zipline in the world, you must book the zipline adventure package in Pokhara.
  • If you are looking for a safer way to fly over the valley and forests (to a limited distance), we recommend you try the Pokhara Zip Flyer.
  • Just came back from trekking and have a couple of days in Pokhara, why not go for the Zipline?
  • Visiting Pokhara and your children want to do something adventurous? Let them go for the ziplining in Pokhara to overcome adventure-phobia.

Preparation for Zip Flyer Adventure in Pokhara

Ziplining can be considered one of the safest adventure activities. You will be tied up by harness, sitting in a chair-like thing, and descending downwards. However, preparations are necessary even if the activity seems easy and safe.

We recommend travelers to research the travel agencies they choose while also understanding more about the ziplining technique (if it's your first time). Besides, listen to the safety measures explained by the guides and zipline experts there. One of the most important things to prepare is your mindset. So be strong, think of the ziplining as a sport, and go for it.

  • Be sure to choose an authentic travel operator and buy the package from the one after you do thorough research.
  • Do not panic while you are on the zip line ride because that can worsen the situation and negative impact on your self-confidence.
  • If you are below 18, make sure that your parents have signed the waiver because without that you will not be permitted to go for the zip line adventure.
  • If you have any severe/serious problem with your back, we recommend you not to go for this adventurous activity.

Zipline (Zip Flyer) Adventure in Pokhara Cost 2024 and 2025

Check out the Ziplining Adventure in Pokhara Cost for 2024 and 2025 from the table below:

No. of PaxStarting PriceAction
1 to 10 USD 99 per personSend Inquiry

Green Valley Nepal Treks offers reasonable costs for the Ziplining Adventure in Pokhara. You can book this adventure-packed package with us and experience the best side of ziplining while also enjoying some side services.

Day to Day Itinerary
Expand allCollapse all

  • Pick up from the Hotel and Drive to Zipline point (about 30 minutes of drive)

Our representatives will pick you up from your hotel after you have breakfast. After that, you will have a 30-minute ride in a private vehicle from your hotel (lakeside) to the high-ground Zip flyer takeoff station. The drive takes you along the Sarangkot inclination, so, it will be an amazing and nature-friendly drive.

  • Zipline Adventure at Highground Zipflyer Takeoff Station

The representatives will prepare you there once you reach the zipline Pokhara station. They will also guide you about how you need to stay in the zip flyer to experience the best ziplining adventure. From there, once everything is done, you will sit in the zipline and descend at a speed of 120 km/hr in an adrenaline-rushing zipline with 60 60-degree inclination.

Don't be panicked or close your eyes because that might lead you to miss the best view of the surrounding mountains, Pokhara Valley, Saragnkot Hill, and Seti Gorge. This adventure activity, though might not be longer, will be stored in your mind as a lifetime memory.

  • Back to your Hotel

As you dare the ziplining in Pokhara adventure and return with a winner-smile, our representatives will again receive you. From there, you get on the private vehicle and return to the hotel. This marks the end of one of the best adventure activities in Pokhara.

    Our team guides, porters and accompanying staff are locals with a broad knowledge about each and every location that we travel through.

    Cost Includes
    • Ziplining in Pokhara Cost
    • Pickup with a private vehicle from the hotel to the ziplining starting point.
    • A professional guide to describe you about the ziplining techniques and safety measures.
    • Photography or videography facilities are free of cost and offered by Green Valley Nepal Treks.
    Cost Excludes
    • International or Domestic Airfares.
    • Breakfast, lunch, or dinner facilities during the package.
    • Any extra expenses made during the zipline adventure tour.
    Departure Dates
    Start:ThursdayJul 04, 2024
    End:ThursdayJul 04, 2024
    Start:FridayJul 05, 2024
    End:FridayJul 05, 2024
    Start:SaturdayJul 06, 2024
    End:SaturdayJul 06, 2024
    Start:SundayJul 07, 2024
    End:SundayJul 07, 2024
    Start:MondayJul 08, 2024
    End:MondayJul 08, 2024
    Start:TuesdayJul 09, 2024
    End:TuesdayJul 09, 2024
    Start:WednesdayJul 10, 2024
    End:WednesdayJul 10, 2024
    Start:ThursdayJul 11, 2024
    End:ThursdayJul 11, 2024
    Start:FridayJul 12, 2024
    End:FridayJul 12, 2024
    Start:SaturdayJul 13, 2024
    End:SaturdayJul 13, 2024
    Start:SundayJul 14, 2024
    End:SundayJul 14, 2024
    Start:MondayJul 15, 2024
    End:MondayJul 15, 2024
    Start:TuesdayJul 16, 2024
    End:TuesdayJul 16, 2024
    Start:WednesdayJul 17, 2024
    End:WednesdayJul 17, 2024
    Start:ThursdayJul 18, 2024
    End:ThursdayJul 18, 2024
    Start:FridayJul 19, 2024
    End:FridayJul 19, 2024
    Start:SaturdayJul 20, 2024
    End:SaturdayJul 20, 2024
    Start:SundayJul 21, 2024
    End:SundayJul 21, 2024
    Start:MondayJul 22, 2024
    End:MondayJul 22, 2024
    Start:TuesdayJul 23, 2024
    End:TuesdayJul 23, 2024
    Start:WednesdayJul 24, 2024
    End:WednesdayJul 24, 2024
    Start:ThursdayJul 25, 2024
    End:ThursdayJul 25, 2024
    Start:FridayJul 26, 2024
    End:FridayJul 26, 2024
    Start:SaturdayJul 27, 2024
    End:SaturdayJul 27, 2024
    Start:SundayJul 28, 2024
    End:SundayJul 28, 2024
    Start:MondayJul 29, 2024
    End:MondayJul 29, 2024
    Start:TuesdayJul 30, 2024
    End:TuesdayJul 30, 2024
    Start:WednesdayJul 31, 2024
    End:WednesdayJul 31, 2024
    Useful Info

    Zipline in Pokhara Best Time

    Autumn, Monsoon, Spring, and Winter are the four main seasons of Nepal, and the corresponding weather patterns are listed here. Every single day of the year, tourists may enjoy ziplining in Pokhara. In other words, there is never an ideal time to experience a zip line in Pokhara; yet, one can make wise decisions by considering the various seasons and atmospheric conditions.

    SeasonWeather Condition
    AutumnHot, dry, and windy
    MonsoonHot/moderate but heavy rainfall
    WinterCold and dry

    Zipline in Pokhara Difficulty

    The zipline in Pokhara, Nepal is generally considered to be easy in terms of physical difficulty. You don't need any upper body strength or climbing skills to participate. However, it can be mentally challenging for those who are afraid of heights or speed. Here's a breakdown of the difficulty:

    • Physical Difficulty: Easy. You are securely harnessed in the entire time and don't need to do any climbing or maneuvering.
    • Mental Difficulty: This can be challenging for some. The zipline is steep and fast, and you are flying high above the ground.

    Requirements of Travel Insurance for Zipline in Pokhara

    Travel Insurance is not mandatory for booking a zipline in Pokhara, Nepal. However, when you are going for adventurous and risky trips or activities, travel insurance can be of great help. Here are some of the advantages of purchasing travel insurance for ziplining in Pokhara.

    • Even though the ziplines are very safe in Pokhara, sometimes panicking and afraidness might cause health issues for the people.
    • In some cases, you might have to cancel the package, where travel insurance can cover the cost for you.
    • You can also rely on travel insurance to cover any emergency evacuations or hospitalization.

    Safety Measures for Ziplining in Pokhara

    Ziplining is an adventurous and sometimes risky activity if you do not follow the safety instructions properly. However, Green Valley Nepal Treks won't let that happen to its valuable travelers or to anyone who is going for the ziplining in Pokhara. Here are a few of the major safety measures that you must look after while going for the zipline in Pokhara.

    • Wear Sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful sun rays.
    • Wear flexible and appropriate clothing for flexibility and easy ziplining.
    • If you have high blood pressure, if you are pregnant, or if you have heart disease, do not go for the ziplining adventure.
    • Make sure that you match the weight and age criteria set by the zipline company.
    • Ensure all the safety gears are well set and there are no risks before starting the zipline.

    Zipline in Pokhara Equipments

    • Chest harness and seat harness
    • Climbing harness
    • Pulley
    • Carabineers
    • Helmets and Gloves
    • Safety Lanyard

    Note: All these kinds of equipment will be provided by the sporting team on the spot. These are the must-use and necessary kinds of stuff.

    Zipline in Pokhara Booking Procedure

    You can book the Zipline adventure in Pokhara with Green Valley Nepal Treks very easily and at the most reasonable cost for 2024 and 2025. Just go to the top of this package, fill in the criteria, and click on "Book Now". Otherwise, you can also book this adventure-packed package by contacting us on WhatsApp or directly calling +977 9841 392186 (Mr. Arjun Pandey).

    Are you confused about how to pay for the Ziplining in Pokhara package? Well, you have three options: cash payment, bank payment, and credit card payment. Now to book the package, follow the steps given below:

    • Read and understand the package details and if any more queries, feel free to contact us viaWhatsApp.
    • Make sure to submit all the necessary documents like a copy of your passport, visa, passport-size photos, and travel insurance if you have purchased one.
    • Confirm your booking by paying the total package cost.
    • Enjoy the adrenaline-rushing zipline adventure in Pokhara (Sarangkot).
    What our travelers saysClient Reviews
    • TripAdvisor

      Green Valley Nepal Treks Helped Me Overcome My Fear And Go For A Zipline Adventure!

      I wanted to go for the ziplining but also was scared. However, the representative from Green Valley Nepal Treks encouraged me and I experienced the first adventurous activity in my life. It was so lovely and I also felt safe with the gear I had on me.

      DorukMay 20, 2024New Zealand
    • Google

      Safest Adventure in Pokhara in My Opinion!

      I think that ziplining is the safest adventure alternative in Pokhara. All the other activities are also safe but this one is very easy as well as convenient for young adventure seekers as well. Green Valley Nepal Treks also offered safety briefs before I went for ziplining. They are just amazing for tours and adventures in Nepal.

      HelenaApril 23, 2024Australia
    • Zipline adventure in Pokhara is in Sarangkot viewpoint at an altitude of 1850 meters.

    • Yes, the Zipline operators take proper care of the safety protocols, and the zipline route is also inspected time and again for safety purposes.

    • Yes, our guide also gives you a safety description and before sitting in the zipline route, the operators also brief you about the safety protocols, do's and don'ts.

    • Ziplining in Pokhara is known as the longest ziplining point in the world which stands at an altitude of 1850 meters. This has made ziplining famous worldwide.

    • Yes, even underage can go for the ziplining adventure but they need to have consent signed by their parents.

    • If you are pregnant, have heart disease, or have high blood pressure, we recommend you not go for the zipline adventure in Pokhara.

    • The zipline route in Pokhara covers a total distance of 1.8 km (about 1.1 miles).

    • No, we have mentioned clear and transparent costs for the Zipline Adventure in Pokhara, so, you do not require to pay any extra amount to Green Valley.

    • Well, the major of major attraction is the zipline ride itself. Other than that, you can also witness several mountains like Anapurna and Fishtail, and see the Seti Gorge, and Pokhara Valley.

    • You can do that as well. However, we also make payment flexible to the travelers so, you can only pay 100% of the total cost for booking confirmation and the rest afterwards.

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