ATV Adventure Tour in Pokhara - 1 Day

  • Duration 2 Hours
  • Destination Nepal
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Starts at ATV HQ Pame
  • Ends at ATV HQ Pame
  • Max. Altitude 1600 meters (Sarangkot)
  • Activity ATV Riding
  • Group Size 1 to 10
  • Best Season Dry Season (October - May)
  • Experience complete 1 hour of ATV Adventure Ride starting from HighGround ATV HQ near Pame, Pokhara.
  • Get a chance to master ATV handling with professional and seasoned trainers.
  • Ride along the zigzag path of Sarangkot with a view of Phewa Lake and other natural beauties.
  • Adequate for any skill levels whether you are a pro or want to learn ATV, you are welcome.
  • A fantastic trip to the unbeaten path in the Pokhara Valley.
  • Lovely experience in the green environment of Pokhara while experiencing the heart-throbbing ATV Adventure.
  • One of the major highlights of the ATV ride tour is the opportunity to revive the ATV along the rugged and rough trails of Pokhara.
  • From the beginning to the end of the tour, you will be accompanied by the vistas of snow-covered mountains like Annapurna and Machhapuchhre.
  • The ATV adventure tour in Pokhara also offers riders and passengers a chance to witness the unique and tradition-influenced lifestyle in the lap of the Himalayas.
  • With an amazing ride and cultural experience, the ATV Adventure tour in Pokhara also offers photography and videography opportunities to the riders and passengers.

ATV Adventure Tour in Pokhara Overview

Pokhara is not just a peaceful city surrounded by lakes and mountains, besides, it is also a perfect destination for the adrenaline junkies to go for some heart-throbbing adventures. One of those adrenaline-rushing and adventure-guaranteed sports is the (All-Terrain Vehicle) ATVAdventure Tour in Pokhara.

Like the already well-known experiences of skydiving, paragliding, bungee jumping, ultralight flying, and whitewater rafting, ATV Adventure is also offered in Pokhara. Off-road vehicles are all that ATVs are. When adequate road journeys are not accessible, these vehicles are used on the route.

Get ready for a fantastic four-wheel drive through Sarangkot's rugged pathways, which will reward you with breathtaking views of Fewa Lake, thrilling off-road tracks through hills and woods, and an overview of the region's rich cultural, historical, and natural history.

Whether you are a seasoned ATV rider or a newbie, you can participate in the ATV Adventure tour in Pokhara. The guides are highly knowledgeable and experienced. Therefore, you can have the best of adventure with the ATV's accelerator in your hand. This certainly is one of the most loved and chosen day activities by many national and international tourists who visit Pokhara, the tourism capital of Nepal.

Just imagine yourself sitting on an ATV starting the engine and racing it up to set off on untamed trails in Pokhara. If you are fond of bikes and rides, we guarantee that the ATV adventure in Pokhara would be the best thing you would like to do in this beautiful city.

The adventure starts with our representatives taking you to the ATV track's starting point, the guides briefing you, and getting ready with an ATV for you to ride. From there, you start on an amazing, adrenaline-popping, and under-ventilating ride with Phewa Lake, Mt. Annapurna, and Mt. Fishtail watching you from every corner and turn.

Impress them by showcasing the highest level of handling skills. Once you are done with an hour of off-road escapade, Green Valley Nepal Treks representatives will drop you back in your hotel marking the end of the ATV Adventure Tour in Pokhara. Remember that the ATV ride in Pokhara is a sensory journey through the blend of cultural and natural beauty.

Benefits of Booking ATV Adventure Tour in Pokhara with us

  • Green Valley Nepal Treks offers the perfect ATV Adventure in the Pokhara Package, that too, at the most reasonable price.
  • You will be accompanied by a professional guide (representative) to lead you during the ATV Adventure Tour in Pokhara.
  • We will also provide a private vehicle that picks up the ATV riders from the hotel and drops them back in the hotel after the activity ends.
  • An adventure-packed experience guaranteed.

What You Can Expect from ATV Adventure Tour in Pokhara?

The ATV ride in Pokhara allows an adventure experience to the adrenaline junkies. This is also one of the best outdoor activities for off-road riders. Furthermore, there are a lot more things that one can expect from the ATV Adventure Tour in Pokhara:

  • Riders can expect to embark on a scenic off-road trail that navigates through diverse landscapes, terrace fields, and traditional villages.
  • The ATV ride in Pokhara serves as a heart-throbbing and once-in-a-lifetime adventure for the riders while also offering them breathtaking views of the Phewa Lake, Annapurna Range, and Pokhara Valley.
  • You can also expect company from professional guides who provide you with thorough safety instructions and watch you throughout the ride for safety and sound enjoyment.
  • If you choose the evening time, you might witness the magical sunset from the ending point of the ATV adventure.
  • Also, you can get amazing and memorable photos and videos clicked while enjoying the ATV ride.
  • If you are a group of friends, you can go for a personalized small group package and enjoy it to the fullest with your squad.

Is the ATV Adventure Tour in Pokhara Suitable For You?

Age and Health factors are crucial in the successful and adventurous ATV ride in Pokhara. Therefore, before you go for this adrenaline-boosting adventure package, we suggest you understand the basic age and health requirements.

  • Make sure that your age is at least 18 years old and you have a valid driver's license.
  • If you have a pillion passengers, make sure they are at least 6 years old (driver's license not required).
  • Pregnant ladies are prohibited from participating in the ATV ride in Pokhara.
  • The rider must not have any severe health issues like heart problems, high blood pressure, etc.
  • The operators also check whether your physical ability can handle the required controls of the All-Terrain Vehicle.
  • If you have any problems like back problems or chronic illnesses, we suggest you disclose that to the guide or ATV operators.

Preparation for ATV Adventure Tour in Pokhara

ATV ride is an adventurous as well as a challenging activity to perform. With proper preparation and planning, the ride can be full of enjoyment and adventure. Therefore, here as the perfect preparation tips for adventure hunters before they go for the ATV Adventure tour in Pokhara:

  • Choose Green Valley Nepal Treks for the ATV Adventure in Pokhara for better adventure and enjoyment along with reasonable pricing.
  • Check the health and age requirements before booking the package.
  • Before you go for the ATV ride in Pokhara, make sure that you research at least a little about the trails and the workings of ATV.
  • Listen to the instructions given by the ATV operators and check whether the ATV is fully functional or not.
  • Wear comfortable and light clothes for easiness and flexibility during the ATV ride in Pokhara.
  • Remember to stay hydrated and energized by drinking an adequate amount of water and having some snacks before the ride.
  • The most important way to prepare yourself for the ATV Adventure tour in Pokhara is by knowing your limits.

ATV Adventure Tour in Pokhara Cost 2024 and 2025 (For ATV Fun Trail only) 

With Green Valley Nepal Treks, you can expect a reasonable cost for the ATV Adventure tour in Pokhara for 2024 and 2025. Check out the pricing details offered by Green Valley Nepal treks for the ATV Ride in Pokhara:

No. of PaxStarting PriceAction
1 to 10USD 60 per personContact

Also, remember that the riders need to pay an extra 20% commission for this package but for the pillion passengers, the extra commission is not necessary.

Note: The price listed above only applies to the ATV Fun Trail; the Epic Trail Tour is not available (coming soon). 

Day to Day Itinerary
Expand allCollapse all

  • Pickup from the Hotel and Private Vehicle Drive to ATV Point

Be ready with all the preparations mentioned above after having breakfast in your hotel. Green Valley Nepal treks' representatives will pick you up from the hotel and take you on a private drive to the ATV point. Our representatives will try to explain to you about the ATV ride and also tell you some additional information about the valley.

  • ATV Adventure through the Untamed Trails

As you reach the ATV point, the ATV will prepare you and also describe the major safety instructions. As you get into the ATV, make sure to check all the functionalities before setting off on the ride. With that being checked, the ride is on for an hour, and you can explore the rough terrain of Sarangkot Hill. The ATV trail will also take you through the mind-blowing views of the Pokhara Valley, Phewa Lake, and the Annapurna range looking at you.

Not only the lakes and mountains, but each turn of the ATV trail in Pokhara also offers you the unique cultural experience, traditional houses, and beautiful lifestyle of the people in the lap of Annapurna. Don't forget to take photos and videos during the ride for lifetime memories. With this ATV adventure in Pokhara, you will get a chance to explore almost all of Pokhara's beauty and views on the beast off-road machine.

  • Back to the Hotel

As you finish one hour of beautiful ATV ride on the adventurous trails, it's time for you to head back to the hotel. Our representatives will take you back to your hotel in a private vehicle which marks the end of the ATV adventure Tour in Pokhara.

  • 1 Hours
  • 8 Kilomters

Our team guides, porters and accompanying staff are locals with a broad knowledge about each and every location that we travel through.

Cost Includes
  • Pick-up facility from the hotel to the ATV point in a private vehicle.
  • One hour-long adventurous ATV ride through the rugged trails of the Sarangkot hill's foot.
  • A professional guide to take you to the ATV point and also give you some instructions about the ride and the trail.
  • Drop off facility from the ATV operating point to the hotel in a private vehicle.
Cost Excludes
  • Any extra expenses made during the tour like water, food, etc.
  • Tips given to the guide during the ATV Adventure Tour in Pokhara.
  • Any domestic or international airfares or transportation except for pickup/drop from and to the hotel.
  • Any customization in the ride (if you want to customize the tour or want to extend the ATV Adventure time, you need to pay additionally.)
Add-ons & Options

ATV Pillion Riders are also available with Green Valley Nepal Trek at $20 per pillion; all you have to do is add them using our add-on features to your thrilling ride.

To get add-ons you can follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Select your departure date
  • Step 2: Add the number of travelers
  • Step 3: Click Book Now or Add to Cart Button
  • Step 4: Select required add-ons from the listed options
  • Step 5: Proceed to payment
Departure Dates
Start:FridayMay 24, 2024
End:FridayMay 24, 2024
Start:SaturdayMay 25, 2024
End:SaturdayMay 25, 2024
Start:SundayMay 26, 2024
End:SundayMay 26, 2024
Start:MondayMay 27, 2024
End:MondayMay 27, 2024
Start:TuesdayMay 28, 2024
End:TuesdayMay 28, 2024
Start:WednesdayMay 29, 2024
End:WednesdayMay 29, 2024
Start:ThursdayMay 30, 2024
End:ThursdayMay 30, 2024
Start:FridayMay 31, 2024
End:FridayMay 31, 2024
Useful Info

ATV Adventure Tour in Pokhara Best Time

The best time for an ATV Adventure Tour in Pokhara depends on your preference for weather conditions:

SeasonWeatherTemperatureCrowdsATV Ride
Dry Season (Oct-May)Dry & Sunny5°C (59°F) - 25°C (77°F)Peak SeasonIdeal
Shoulder Seasons (Sep. & Jun.)Pleasant20°C (68°F) - 30°C (86°F)Fewer CrowdsPossible rain showers
Monsoon Season (June – Aug.)Heavy RainfallNot IdealLow SeasonNot recommended
  • Dry Season (October - May)

This is the peak tourist season in Pokhara, with dry and sunny weather. Temperatures are generally mild, ranging from 15°C (59°F) to 25°C (77°F). This makes for comfortable riding conditions and stunning views of the Annapurna mountain range.

  • Shoulder Seasons (September & June)

These shoulder months offer pleasant weather with fewer crowds. Temperatures are slightly warmer than the peak season, ranging from 20°C (68°F) to 30°C (86°F). There's a slight chance of rain showers, but they are usually brief and refreshing.

  • Monsoon Season (June - August)

The monsoon season brings heavy rainfall to Pokhara, making the trails muddy and slippery. ATV tours may not be operational during this time. However, the surrounding landscape becomes lush and green.

ATV Adventure Tour in Pokhara Difficulty Level

ATV Ride's difficulty depends on various factors like trail selection and the riding experience of the individual. The adventure package with Green Valley Nepal Treks is designed with eligibility for both seasoned as well as beginner ATV riders. Due to that specific reason, we can say that the ATV ride in Pokhara is not difficult.

If you have a driving license and good hands-on riding a bike, you may find this ATV ride comparatively easy. However, if you are going for this ride for the first time, the trail and the ride might be slightly difficult. Nevertheless, as the tour operators have professional and skilled instructors, they tend to make your ride easier by offering detailed safety instructions.

In some cases, the difficulty level also depends on the rider's mindset and self-confidence. Make sure that you have a strong mindset and do not panic while riding the ATV. Besides, choosing the right trail also matters a lot in determining the difficulty level of the ATV adventure. Therefore, let us know about your proficiency in riding the ATV so that, we can suggest you the right path or trail.

Travel Insurance for ATV Adventure Tour in Pokhara

Travel Insurance is a travel-specific coverage purchased by travelers that covers the financial aspects during unexpected events, accidents, or emergencies. Even though travel insurance is not mandatory to participate in ATV Adventure Tour in Pokhara, we recommend all travelers purchase it for a peace of mind. Here are a few major importance of travel insurance for this package:

  • Even if you are a pro-ATV rider, riding in such rough terrain is full of uncertainty. There are chances of accidents during the trial. However, if you have travel insurance, you can claim the health or treatment expenditure.
  • Sometimes there are chances that you may have to cancel the trip due to unforeseen situations like illness or weather uncertainty. In such cases, you can again claim the cost of you have travel insurance.
  • Travel Insurance will also cover the cost of emergency evacuation in case you get into trouble during the ATV Adventure.
  • Due to the rugged terrain and rough path, there are also chances of destroying or hampering personal liabilities. However, with Travel Insurance in your backpack, you can claim that expense as well.

ATV Adventure Tour in Pokhara Packing List

Recommended packing list for ATV Adventure Tour in Pokhara:

  • Long-sleeved shirts and pants to protect against sunburn and scratches.
  • Lightweight, breathable clothing for comfort during the ride.
  • Closed-toe shoes with good grip for safety and protection.
  • A helmet that fits properly and meets safety standards.
  • Gloves to protect your hands from blisters and abrasions.
  • Sunglasses to shield your eyes from dust and debris.
  • Face mask (to protect yourself from dust, especially during the dry season)
  • Knee pads and elbow pads (for added protection)
  • Sunscreen with high SPF to prevent sunburn.
  • Hat or cap to shade your face and neck.
  • Water bottle or hydration pack to stay hydrated during the ride.
  • Rain jacket (if traveling during monsoon season)

ATV Adventure Tour in Pokhara Booking Procedure

Do you want to experience the off-road ride along the rugged and rough trails of the Pokhara Valley? In that case, Green Valley Nepal Treks offers you a simple booking procedure with reasonable pricing guaranteed. We have been offeringtreks and tour services in Nepal for over two decades. Therefore, Green Valley Nepal is a well-recognized travel operator you can trust for the best travel tour experience in the country.

To book the ATV Adventure Tour Package in Pokhara, you can check out the top right section of this package and book with the "Book Now" option. Or, you can directly contact us for booking on WhatsApp at +977-9841392186 (Mr. Arjun Pandey).

You need to pay the total package cost and submit a copy of your passport, two passport-size photos, and travel insurance. Booking confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address. For payment, you can either go for cash payment or also pay via Card or mobile banking.

What our travelers saysClient Reviews
  • Google

    Nothing Better Than An Off-Roading Ride On ATV!

    I am an off-roading enthusiast and because of that reason as well, this ATV ride was the perfect thing for me to do in Pokhara. I suggest all the bike enthusiasts to try this at least once. Also, if you think of booking this package, do so with Green Valley Nepal Treks, they have the perfect plan for riders.

    AnteroApril 21, 2024Australia
  • TripAdvisor

    My Adrenaline Level Almost Reached The Sky!

    The ATV ride was so exciting and thrilling across such rough roads with mesmerizing views of the surroundings. I just cannot express the amount of joy this ride gave me. One hour was not enough so I extended the time and went on another round.

    EdvardApril 19, 2024Sweden
  • ATV is an abbreviation of the All-Terrain Vehicle and this is also known as a quad. This type of vehicle is perfect for the off-road rides.

  • The ATV in Pokhara has the capacity of two people; a rider and a pillion passenger.

  • The rider must be at least 18 years whereas the pillion passenger's age is required to be over 6 years for the ATV Adventure in Pokhara.

  • To ride the ATV in Pokhara, you must have at least a moderate physical fitness level. Regarding health restrictions, pregnant ladies, blood pressure and heart disease patients, and people with pre-examined back or chronic illnesses are restricted.

  • No, prior experience is not mandatory for this package because there are guides and instructors who help you understand the basic controls of the ATV and the trail is also beginner's friendly.

  • Most of the ATV operators along with the ones we take the riders to, provide safety gear. All you need is to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

  • One of the major requirements of the ATV Adventure tour in Pokhara is for the rider to have a valid license. However, even if you do not have one, you can still go on this adventure as a passenger.

  • If you go with Green Valley Nepal Treks, we offer you one hour of full-fledged ATV rides. However, you can extend the time by paying extra as well.

  • Yes, if you want us to choose an appropriate trail for you, we can do that after you let us know your proficiency.

  • No, the package cost is limited to pick up from the hotel and drop off at the hotel. Other than that, no cost is included in this package with Green Valley Nepal Treks.

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