Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara - 1 Day

  • Duration 1 Day
  • Destination Nepal
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Starts at Pokhara
  • Ends at Pokhara
  • Max. Altitude 2060 Meters (Australian Camp)
  • Activity Hiking
  • Group Size 1 to 20
  • Best Season Whole Year
  • A golden opportunity to experience the magical scenes of sunrise and sunset.
  • Explore two major attractions of Pokhara; Australian Camp and Dhampus Village.
  • Information and valuable insights about the places, people living there, and the cultures and traditions.
  • Outstanding views of several snow-covered high mountains in the world like Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Himchuli, Mt. Machhapuchhre, Manaslu range, and many more.
  • Crossing different forests, rhododendrons bloom and pass through the epic beauty of nature.
  • Single-day hike with much comfort and easy trails with accessibility to facilities.
  • A scenic 45-minute drive from Pokhara to Kande (the initial point of Australian Camp Day Hiking).

Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara Overview

A day trip destination entitled Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara is roughly 26 kilometers from Pokhara. Australian Camp Day trip is a great option for anyone looking for a quick and simple weekend trip with friends or family.

At a height of 2060 meters above sea level, the Australian camp is situated. Pokhara Australian Camp hike is rather simple and doable for hikers of all ages, despite being a little more difficult than Kahun Danda Hiking and comparable other hiking routes.

The Australian Camp Day Hike starts from Pokhara with a 45-minute drive to Kande. Kande is the place from where the actual hike begins. It takes around 1.5 hours to 2 hours to reach the Australian Camp. On the route from Kande to the Australian Camp, you will pass through the forest, rhododendron blooms, and the sight of different mountains peeking at you as you ascend to the Australian Camp.

After that, you will continue another hiking journey towards Dhampus, a village well-known for the Gurung Heritage and civilization. Dhampus offers a scenic and panoramic view of the natural beauty and landscapes along with wild and domestic vegetation, farming, animal grazing, and many more things to be offered by nature.

You will witness a mesmerizing view of mountains from both Australian Base Camp and Dhampus village. Besides, the hike to Dhampus village is also worth observing the awesome view of the sunset behind the mountain ranges. After a full day of Pokhara to Australian Base Camp hike, exploration, and witnessing the beauty of nature, our representatives will drive you back to the hotel once you descend to Kande in the evening.

Green Valley Nepal Treks provides the privilege of customizing the Pokhara Australian camp package if necessary. If you would like to hike from Australian Camp to Astam village, we may accommodate your request to alter the route. In addition, it's one of the greatest places to get a glimpse of Pokhara's Phewa Lake and the Annapurna mountain range.

Please get in touch with us via WhatsApp if you would like to join us for the Australian Base Camp Day Hike from Pokhara. We will provide you with an overview of the costs and itinerary for the Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara.

Why Book the Pokhara to Australian Base Camp Hike with Us?

For any tours, hikes, or treks in Nepal, Green Valley Nepal Trek is unquestionably the most recommended and reliable travel company. From the beginning to the end of the Australia Camp Day Hike, we guarantee to provide the greatest services to visitors.

The following points justify why you should book the Australian Camp Day Hike through Green Valley Nepal Treks:

  • Pickup from the hotel in a private vehicle to Kande and vice versa.
  • A local professional guide to lead your way and provide insights throughout the hike.
  • Assurance of a memorable and most insightful hiking journey.
  • Green Valley Nepal Treks labeled the T-shirt as a souvenir from us.
  • Cooperating guides and team to help you anytime throughout the trip.

What You Can Expect from an Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara?

While planning your Australian Camp day walk from Pokhara, keep your expectations high. One of the most breathtaking experiences of the surrounding natural beauty and the mountain range vistas of the Annapurna and Pokhara valleys is guaranteed by taking this path. We would like to share with you some expectations you can maintain for your day hike from Pokhara.

  • You can expect to be on an adventurous, amazing, and surrounded-by-nature hiking journey.
  • Hikers can expect an easy trail with less difficulty and higher facilities for a better experience.
  • The Australian Camp also offers you a majestic view of several mountain peaks like Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Himchuli, Mt. Machhapuchhre, and the Manaslu range.
  • In Dhampus, hikers can indulge in the beautiful Gurung habitation and traditional houses. Moreover, you can also try some of the Gurung delicacies while interacting with them.
  • The Australian Camp Hiking via Dhampus village is also a perfect chance to go with your family members (especially children).
  • You can also expect to witness different floras and faunas throughout the hiking journey and also at the attraction points.

Is the Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara Suitable For You?

The Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara is suitable for a variety of travelers who are interested in experiencing the natural beauty and cultural richness of Nepal. Here's who might find it particularly appealing:

  • People with Decent Fitness Level: A well-maintained trail and an elevation increase of only approximately 700 meters (2,300 feet) make this hike quite easy for those with decent fitness. You must be fit enough to walk upwards for several hours, as it is still a hike.
  • Families: If you have kids that are old enough to trek, this is a fantastic alternative for you. The vistas from the summit will definitely wow everyone and the trek is not very difficult.
  • Individuals with Limited Time: The Australian Camp Day Hike is an ideal approach to take in the splendor of the Annapurna region if you are unable to commit to a longer journey like Annapurna Base Camp Trek or Mardi Himal Trek. With enough time to take in the vistas, you may complete the hike in a single day.
  • Individuals interested in Nepali Culture: there are traditional villages along the route where you may observe the way of life and way of work of the inhabitants. A nearby teahouse is another option where you may have lunch and sample some authentic Nepali cuisine.

Preparation for Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara

You need to prepare a little bit even though the Australian Camp Hike is regarded as one of the simplest and most convenient hiking routes in Pokhara. Walking is always a part of hiking, whether you're going for an hour or several days.

For effective completion, Australian camp hiking from Pokhara with Dhampus village exploration necessitates a very little yet substantial amount of planning. The following are the hiking trip preparation guides that we are providing to the hikers:

  • Maintain Physical and Mental Health: Hiking requires both physical and mental health. If you fail to meet any one of these two fitness prerequisites, the hike may not proceed as planned, resulting in wasted time and money.
  • Exercise: We advise hikers to engage in physical (outside) workouts such as football games, jogging, cycling, and running in order to stay in shape and stay healthy.
  • Refrain from Intoxication: Give up any habits that could cause physical weakness and illness, such as consuming alcohol or smoking. These behaviors might weaken you significantly and interfere with your trekking experience.
  • Pay Attention to the Guide: Don't be ignorant, even if the Australian Camp trek from Pokhara with Dhampus village exploration is described as being simple. Please carefully consider the directions provided by the guides and adhere to them at all times.
  • Stay Hydrated: You should be mindful of your hydration levels because the hike needs long walks. For this reason, we advise hikers to bring larger-capacity water bottles.
  • Bring all of Your Paperwork: When you check out of your hotel room in the morning, be sure you have everything you need in your bag. In an emergency (which is not often, but never zero), these papers can be helpful.

Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara Cost 2024 and 2025

Green Valley Nepal Treks has the most affordable package if you want to participate in the Australian Base Camp from Pokhara. The following table shows how much the Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara will cost in 2024 and 2025.

No. of PaxStarting PriceAction
1 USD 150Send Inquiry
2 to 3 USD 75 per personSend Inquiry
4 to 6 USD 50 per personSend Inquiry
7 to 12 USD 40 per personSend Inquiry
Day to Day Itinerary
Expand allCollapse all

  • Pickup from the Hotel and scenic drive to Kande (45 minutes of drive)

Our representatives will pick you up from the hotel and take you to Kande in a private vehicle. The vehicle is decided based on the number of people in the group. You can have the breakfast before starting the journey.

Besides, we also encourage you to check your backpacks and make sure that you do not miss any of the important things to carry or documents as well.


  • Hike to the Australian Camp (1.5 to 2 hours of hiking)

After reaching Kande, you will get out of the vehicle and start hiking up to the Australian Camp. The route is pretty steep right from the start and you will be accompanied by forest throughout the journey.

Furthermore, you can also enjoy the awe-inspiring view of the snow-covered mountain peaks.

The journey requires you to walk for over 8 kilometers and for about 2 hours. However, the whole route is worth hiking up. Once you reach the Australian Camp, you will start seeing beautifully settled villages, farming, and agriculture.

The green and white colors (referring to greenery and snow-covered mountains) surround you. Besides you can also experience the peak of hospitality offered by the locals residing in this area.

You can also have your lunch here at the Australian Camp as you might be tired and hungry of walking for a couple of hours. After resting and spending good times in the Australian Camp (2060 meters), you are again set on a journey towards the Dhampus Village.


  • Hiking towards Dhampus Village (2-3 hours of hiking)

From the Australian Camp, you will follow another hiking path towards Dhampus Village. Reaching Dhampus from Australian Camp takes approximately 2-3 hours as you need to cover a total distance of 4.7 kilometers.

The trail passes through lush vegetation and eye-soothing scenes of the mountains. Remember that, almost all the hiking routes are accompanied by the sight of snow-covered mountains.

Dhampus is a beautiful village settled at an altitude of 1650 meters above sea level. Besides, this village is famous for its old, traditional-style houses, Guring civilization, beautiful terrace farming, and mesmerizing views of the white snow peaks.

Furthermore, when you reach Dhampus, you will also love to witness the hospitality offered by the Gurung people.


  • Descend to Phedi and Drive Back to the Hotel

After spending some time in the lap of nature with the friendly and cheerful Gurung people, you get back on your journey down to Kande. As we will already be at an altitude of 1650 meters and the way is downhill, it won't take much to reach Phedi. At Kande, our representatives will be waiting for you and they will drop you back to the hotel in a private vehicle. That marks the end of the Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara to Dhampus Village.

  • Lunch
  • 6 to 7 Hours
  • Approx. 30.2 Kilometers

Our team guides, porters and accompanying staff are locals with a broad knowledge about each and every location that we travel through.

Cost Includes
  • Two-way drive from the hotel to Kande and Kande to the Hotel.
  • A professional English-speaking guide to assist you throughout the day hike.
  • A Green Valley Nepal Treks T-Shirt as a souvenir.
Cost Excludes
  • Any food expenses throughout the hike (including breakfast lunch and dinner).
  • Tips are given to the guides or any other hotel staff.
  • Bottled Water throughout the hiking journey.
  • Any extra expenses made during the Australian camp day hike from Pokhara.
Departure Dates
Start:ThursdayMay 23, 2024
End:ThursdayMay 23, 2024
Start:FridayMay 24, 2024
End:FridayMay 24, 2024
Start:SaturdayMay 25, 2024
End:SaturdayMay 25, 2024
Start:SundayMay 26, 2024
End:SundayMay 26, 2024
Start:MondayMay 27, 2024
End:MondayMay 27, 2024
Start:TuesdayMay 28, 2024
End:TuesdayMay 28, 2024
Start:WednesdayMay 29, 2024
End:WednesdayMay 29, 2024
Start:ThursdayMay 30, 2024
End:ThursdayMay 30, 2024
Start:FridayMay 31, 2024
End:FridayMay 31, 2024
Useful Info

Insights on the History of Australian Camp

First of all, let us inform you that Thulo Kharka is the true name of the Australian Camp, and there is a fascinating backstory for Thulo Kharka's transformation into an Australian Camp. According to this location's history, Austrians used to come here and camp for more than two or three days back in the 1980s since they loved it so much.

For that reason, it became known as Austrian Camp, a name that the native Nepalese found somewhat challenging to say. They began referring to it as Australian Camp as a result. It might surprise you when you realize that, while other hiking routes close by had become extremely famous, this one was unexplored until the early 1990s.

Still, a growing number of people began selecting the Austrian Camp hiking path for day hikes due to its convenience and recommendation for hikers of all ages.

Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara Distance

You might be concerned about how far the hike is from Pokhara and whether you'll be able to finish the greatest Australian camp day hike from Pokhara. With Dhampus included, this hike can be accomplished in a single day with ease. In response to your question, the distance between Pokhara and the Australian base camp is roughly 30.2 kilometers.

In a private vehicle, you will travel from Pokhara to Kande, the starting point of your main hiking trail. The distance from Kande to Australian Camp is roughly 4.5 kilometers, and depending on your speed, you can do it in 1.5 to 2 hours.

Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara Best Time

Although you can embark on a Pokhara Australian Camp Day excursion any time of year, it is not recommended to hike from June to August during the rainy season. The charm of the Australian camp may be obscured by overcast days, and muddy pathways may impede your experience. Since it does not rise to extremely high altitudes, hiking to the Australian Camp and Dhampus in the winter is likewise safe.

Hiking in the Australian camp is most enjoyable in the spring and fall. These months of the year have clear, pleasant weather with an abundance of vegetation all around you and clear skies overhead. The most colorful time of year to see nature is in the spring, which runs from March to May. There is a wide diversity of flora and fauna enjoying the balmy weather after the tough winter in the forest and along the pathways.

Hiking is especially enjoyable in the fall, from September to November when the weather is still fresh from recent rains. Both the Australian Camp and Dhampus Village offer a good view of the Himalayan range. This time of year is ideal for leisurely travel across the countryside because the weather isn't too hot or chilly.

Food on Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara

Green Valley Nepal Treks will manage all the needs for food during the Pokhara to Australian Base Camp Hike. In this package, we will provide Lunch that includes the best facility for food that includes:

  • Dal Bhat Tarkari
  • Momos (steamed or fried)
  • Instant noodles (a popular option for trekkers)
  • Biscuits (cookies)
  • Sandwiches
  • Egg (Omelet, Fried, Boiled)
  • Tea, coffee, and hot chocolate

Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara Difficulty Level

The Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara is generally considered to be an easy hike. Here's a breakdown of the factors that contribute to the difficulty level:

  • Distance: The hike is around 8 kilometers from Kande.
  • Elevation Gain: The elevation gain is relatively modest, around 700 meters (2,300 feet).
  • Trail Conditions: The trail is well-maintained and mostly gradual, with some steeper sections, particularly stone staircases, on the way up to Australian Camp.
  • Overall Fitness Level: While the hike isn't too long or steep, it still involves a few hours of uphill walking. A decent base level of fitness is recommended.
  • Altitude: Australian Camp itself sits at around 2060 meters. Some people may experience mild altitude sickness symptoms like fatigue or dizziness. It's best to ascend slowly and drink plenty of water.
  • Weather: The weather in the mountains can be unpredictable. Rain or hot sun can make the hike more challenging. Be sure to check the forecast before you go and pack accordingly.

Travel Insurance for Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara

For Australian Base Camp Hike from Pokhara, getting travel insurance is entirely up to the individual. You can choose to get it or not. It is not mandatory to purchase an insurance policy for this hiking.

You won't require that because there are no significant risk factors involved like Annapurna Circuit Trek or Ghorepani Poonhill Trek. While hiking from Kande to Australian Base Camp and Dhampus Village you might encounter minor to severe accidents.

Thinking about those cases, you could purchase an insurance policy to be on the safer side. However, there haven't been any incidents similar to that up until now, and we hope there won't be in the future.

Altitude Sickness during Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara

The Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara is unlikely to cause severe altitude sickness due to its relatively low altitude. The maximum elevation you will reach at Australian Camp is around 2060 meters, which is significantly lower than many other trekking routes in Nepal.

However, altitude sickness can still occur at this altitude, especially for people who are not acclimatized or who ascend rapidly. Here’s what to do:

  • Gradual Ascent: Since this is a day hike, there's no need to ascend rapidly. Take your time, enjoy the scenery, and rest frequently, especially when going uphill.
  • Hydration: Staying well-hydrated is crucial to prevent altitude sickness. Aim to drink plenty of water throughout the hike, even if you don't feel thirsty.

Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara Packing List

Required packing list for the Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara to ensure you have everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable trek:

  • Water: Stay hydrated with an ample supply of water.
  • Snacks: Pack lightweight, energy-boosting snacks for sustenance.
  • Sun Protection: Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to shield yourself from the sun.
  • Clothing: Wear appropriate layers and comfortable hiking shoes.
  • First Aid Kit: Carry essential first aid items for emergencies.
  • Navigation: Bring an Australian Base Camp Trek Map or GPS device to stay on course.
  • Personal Items: Include personal identification, cash, and a mobile phone.
What our travelers saysClient Reviews
  • Facebook

    Understood Why Austrians Loved This Place

    Australian Camp is one of the best places to watch the mountains. Walking was a little difficult for me in the beginning. However, with support and encouragement from the Green Valley Nepal Treks team, I reached two of the best places in my life. I am looking for more hiking routes to go in Nepal and I will certainly choose GVNT as my hiking partner.

    OliverApril 30, 2024Georgia
  • TripAdvisor

    Best Australian Camp Day Hiking from Pokhara

    I have been to day hiking in different countries until now. However, I have to say that the Australian Camp day hike from Pokhara was one of the best of all. On top of that, the assistance and insights from the Green Valley Nepal Treks' guide made the journey even better. I recommend both this hike and Green Valley Nepal Treks to anyone looking to book any tours in Nepal.

    GaryApril 18, 2024United Kingdom
  • This hiking journey takes you to a place originally named Thulo Kharka, which was once loved by the Austrians. Therefore, they used to camp here for several days and locals started calling this place Austrian Camp which was later modified to be Australian Camp. As the route goes to Australian Camp, the hike is named as Australian Camp Day Hike.

  • Yes, the Australian Camp day Hike is very convenient and easy making it suitable for people of all age groups.

  • It will take around 6-7 hours to complete this hike, starting from Kande to Australian Camp, after that Dhampus village before returning to your hotel.

  • Yes, with Green Valley Nepal Treks, you are free to customize the hiking journey as per your preference. Just remember that the cost might also vary as per the customization.

  • Yes, Pokhara has a lot of day hiking routes to offer to travelers. You can see some more of theday hikes on our website.

  • No, our package cost does not include food costs. So, you will have to carry some cash with you to have lunch.

  • Preparing for this hike is very easy as the journey will be convenient. All you need to do is take care of your physical well-being and avoid any bad habits.

  • Yes, the mountain is one of the major attractions of both Australian Camp and Dhampus Village. So you will see several mountains from these destinations.

  • If you are looking for an easy day hike in Pokhara that you can do without much effort and physical strain, we recommend you go for the Australian Camp Day Hike from Pokhara.

  • Yes, we make sure to provide the hikers with professional and English-speaking guides to lead them through the hiking journey.

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