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    Joined Green Valley Nepal Treks for the sleep at base camp on Everest Trek

    I joined Green Valley Nepal Treks for the sleep at base camp on Everest Trek experience, and it exceeded all my expectations. I emailed Arjun Pandey to manage everything for this adventure and get things done very quickly. Our guide Biru was not only experienced but also friendly and accommodating. The lodges and teahouses we stayed in were comfortable, and the sleeping bag provided kept me warm and cozy at night. The trek itself was challenging, but the sense of accomplishment upon reaching Base Camp was indescribable. I highly recommend Green Valley Nepal Treks for a safe and memorable journey to the Everest Base Camp.

    Sophie AndersonSeptember 10, 2023United Kingdom,
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    Makalu Base Camp Trek – Nature's Masterpiece

    Green Valley Nepal Treks surpassed all expectations when they organized my Makalu Base Camp Trek. The hike took place through a work of art created by nature, complete with towering peaks and verdant valleys. The knowledgeable guides from Green Valley made sure we were secure while imparting their vast knowledge of the local flora and fauna. Both the lodging and the food were cozy and genuine. Away from the tourists, this journey gives a true wilderness experience. Choose Makalu Base Camp with Green Valley if you're looking for a true Himalayan adventure.

    Julia SchmidtSeptember 05, 2023United States,
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    Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek: A Himalayan Wonderland

    A wonderland of the Himalayas was the Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek with Green Valley Nepal Treks. This journey was unique because of the unspoiled surroundings, the grandeur of Kanchenjunga, and the friendliness of the residents. Our safety and enjoyment were guaranteed by the Green Valley team's professionalism and attention, which was visible throughout. My experience was enhanced by traveling to the isolated communities and becoming fully immersed in the many cultures. Kanchenjunga Circuit is the best option if you're looking for a journey that combines breathtaking natural scenery with a taste of local culture. I had an incredible time in the Himalayas because of Green Valley.

    Emma WilsonSeptember 04, 2023New Zealand,
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    Annapurna Seven Passes Trek - An Epic Trekking Adventure

    A transformative experience, the Annapurna Seven Passes Trek with Green Valley Nepal Treks. The varied terrain, with its lush forests and rocky passes, always surprised. The guides were informed and considerate, making sure we were always safe and comfortable. It was eye-opening to meet local communities and experience their customs. I will always cherish the time I spent in the Himalayas. This walk was smooth and unforgettable because of Green Valley.

    JamesSeptember 04, 2023United States,
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    A Majestic Journey to Makalu Base Camp

    My trek to Makalu Base Camp with Green Valley Nepal Treks was a remarkable journey. It was breathtaking to see the high peaks, beautiful forests, and difficult trail. The team at Green Valley made sure that every aspect of the hike was well-planned and gave good direction. The indigenous cuisine was a great treat, and the teahouses along the route were cozy. Makalu Base Camp is a must-visit if you're looking for a less-crowded climb with beautiful vistas, and Green Valley is the company you can rely on.

    Lena MüllerSeptember 03, 2023Germany,
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    A Himalayan Gem: Gosaikunda Lake Trek

    My trip with Green Valley Nepal Treks on the Gosaikunda Lake Trek was a complete joy. I was in awe of Gosaikunda Lake's pure beauty and the natural surroundings. Green Valley provided amazing hospitality and professional advice. Trekking through luxuriant forests, charming villages, and high mountain passes was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The experience was enhanced by getting to know the kind locals and discovering their way of life. Gosaikunda Lake is the ideal option if you're looking for a hike that blends natural splendors with cultural immersion. It was a memorable trip because of Green Valley.

    AnikaSeptember 02, 2023India,
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    Tsum Valley Trek: A Hidden Himalayan Gem

    Green Valley Nepal Treks' Tsum Valley Trek lead me to discover a secret Himalayan treasure. The pristine scenery, historic monasteries, and kind inhabitants made my trek very exceptional. Throughout the trip, Green Valley's professionalism and assistance guaranteed our comfort and safety. The Tsum Valley's spiritual richness and interactions with the indigenous people left a deep influence. Tsum Valley is a must-see if you're looking for a hike that combines natural beauty and rich cultural history. I've located a secret gem in the Himalayas thanks to Green Valley.

    Emma JohnsonAugust 31, 2023United Kingdom,
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    Amazing Experience on Everest Gokyo Trek via Salleri

    It was an incredible trip to complete the Everest Gokyo Trek via Salleri. Since Green Valley Nepal Treks handled everything expertly, I truly believed that a guardian angel was watching over me the entire time. Due to the breathtaking scenery of the Everest trek, the effort paid rewarded. Overall, it was a fantastic experience, but it wouldn't have been possible without Gopal and GVNT. Every step, including the booking and the hike, was flawless. For the Everest expedition, I heartily endorse GVNT.

    RameshAugust 31, 2023India,