Wildlife Tours

The greatest way to experience spectacular wildlife and tranquil surroundings is through a wildlife tour in Nepal. It is the ideal excursion for those looking for experiences closer to nature, encounters with rare and endangered creatures, and exploration of protected environments. For any type of jungle safari, Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park are the ideal places to go in Nepal. Both have been listed as Nepali world heritage sites by UNESCO.

The main attractions of wildlife tours in Nepal are the beautiful Royal Bengal Tiger, the one-horned rhino, musk deer, leopard, crocodile, brilliantly colorful birds, and many more endangered creatures. The parks are well-known for their elephant safaris, dugout paddling excursions, nature walks, bird viewing, jungle excursions, and visits to the Tharu hamlet of the indigenous tribes.

Chitwan National Park is an unmatched location for the environment and wildlife excursions in Nepal and offers some of the greatest wildlife pursuits in the whole Asian subcontinent. Because of the extensive grassland and deep woodlands, Bardiya National Park is regarded as the greatest tiger habitat. These parks offer the greatest sites in Asia for observing nature, as well as a greater level of woodland adventure overflowing with unique birds, different types of mammals, and a variety of floras.

You can experience Nepal's greatest wildlife tours with the assistance of Green Valley Nepal Trek. This jungle safari offers a peaceful retreat in the forest, eco-resort amenities, unique hospitality, and the chance to appreciate the abundant animals and heavenly natural beauty.

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