Payment Mode

Dear Guest,

Currently, it’s easier to transfer trip deposits via our online payment system compared to previous years. Almost each packages page (on the top right side) has a Book This trip button where you could click and transfer the trip deposit by using a card or bank account. Now via our online payment system, you could transfer 10% of the total trip cost to confirm the trip.

Note:If you would like to transfer the full trip amount please let us know before you click Book This Trip button, we will unlock for 100% transfer within a minute.

As you know in Nepal still online payment system isn’t supported all the time. If in a case doesn’t work when you apply to pay for the trip deposit please contact us via Whatsapp or send a quick inquiry then we will check and fix it as soon as possible. You could use our other option as mentioned here as well.

Transfer Using Swift Code Direct To Green Valley Nepal Treks Bank Account:

  • Account number: 019 043 175 20026
  • Bank Name: Himalayan Bank Ltd.
  • BIC (Swift): HIMANPKA
  • Bank address: KSK Building, Tridevi Marg, Thamel Kathmandu
  • Bank city: Kathmandu
  • Country of bank: Nepal
  • Intermediary bank: CITI Bank NA, New York

Note:Bank charges should be paid by the clients at the time of deposit.

Please contact us by email or WhatsApp at any time, as we are available around the clock if you have any issues or require live help.