Why Travel with Us

We are a small but competent company specializing in adventure travel holidays in the Himalayan region. Since Green Valley Nepal Trek’s establishment in 2010, the company has gradually grown to become a leading adventure travel operator. We provide international quality services from our head office in Kathmandu, and also operate tours in Bhutan and Tibet. Good service cannot be guaranteed by money alone. The trust and respect garnered by us through years of working together with communities and hotel owners is a valuable asset that makes our treks eased up and prepared for contingencies. We believe in offering the best of our services during your journeys with us. We are committed in maintaining a high level of ethical standards in all our operations. Above all, our loyal, committed and highly experienced staff-base gives us an edge over the tough competition.

- Conducted trekking, peak climbing, and expedition programs to more than 100 peaks & trails
- Hundreds are engaged in trekking programs and other activities every season
- We have an outstanding hundred percent success rate.  This is an amazing success rate for any adventure operator
- Our crew members have successfully operated tours for over 50 people to Everest Base Camp and we also have special provisions for infants (below 5 years) as well as elderly people who want to undertake adventure expeditions.

Financial Protection
A substantial sum of money needs to be paid as advance to a trekking company before a trip. Without detailed documentation of the company, chances of fraud or foul play are probable. Green Valley Nepal Treks is an authorized company with registrations in Nepal Government, Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, Nepal Tourism Board, Industrial Department, Company Registration Office, Nepal National Bank and Taxation Office. We also have affiliations with several prominent local trekking bodies as NMA, TAAN, and KEEP.

A detailed list of our registrations and licenses for operation:
Nepal Ministry of Industry, Office of Company Register, Reg No: 71671/066/067
Nepal Ministry of Tourism, Department of Tourism, Reg No: 1214
Nepal Department of Small Cottage and Industries, Reg No:11880/423
Nepal Ministry of Finance, Department of Tax, PAN No: 304220119
Central Bank Of Nepal, Nepal Rastra Bank, Department of Foreign Currency Exchange, Authorization No:1095/1/067

Safety: No Compromises
A small safety measure underestimated or overlooked can turn into a fatal accident. On the other hand, adventure trips undertaken appropriately with proper safety precautions and professional guidance nullifies the risk factor. Green Valley Nepal Treks holds a safety record that is second to none. While keeping the overheads of our trips low, safety is one area we simply do not compromise. Our team comprises guides who are fully trained in safety and first aid in a professional manner. Health hazards such as altitude sickness and other ailments have been effectively taken care preventing unnecessary hassles.

Guides are selected based on their technical proficiency, proven safety records, impeccable judgment, and supportive teaching styles. The guides are highly professional and are well-trained in areas including in the first aid and hygiene, personal protection, equipment usage, and emergency situations. Itineraries are designed expertly such that it gives you enough time for acclimatization. However, oxygen cylinders and PAC Bags are happily provided upon request (payable). A pulse oxymeter is also provisioned to facilitate acclimatization. The device measures oxygen saturation percentage in blood along with your pulse rate.

Our packages are offered at a fair price that is unbeatable in the same category. We however, do not compromise on safety measures, which is the first priority. Nevertheless, prices for each trip is still comparatively low as the company is based in Nepal, and can manage well under the prices in comparison to international tour operators. Our bookings comprises a 40% from people with previous involvements which proves our achievement when it comes to client satisfaction.

Eco Travel:
Green Valley Nepal Treks and Research Hub (P) Ltd is highly aware towards preservation of natural beauty and culture in the destinations we operate. We ensure that our future generations also get to enjoy the natural wonders of this fragile environment. Our guides and crew members are committed towards responsible travel with environmental conservation.

Eco-friendly tips:
Save fuel and energy as far as possible. Enjoy your trip without bonfires.
Reduce plastic and paper use.
Buy local organic foods instead of consuming imported or packaged items.
Use low-impact transportation such as walking, cycling, and taking public transportation whenever possible.
Carry out what you carry in. Take only photos leave only footprints.

Support of community:
Eco and community support treks
Green Valley Nepal Treks and Research Hub (P)Ltd is engaged in a joint effort with other associations in sectors such as education, health care and environment. Poverty plagued communities of Nepal have also been helped with economic and moral support in order to improve the status of their life. Here are some examples:

Our employees nominate our social projects. Facilities like Water Care in villages, building a new school, installation of computers et cetera have been undertaken previously. Green Valley Nepal Treks and Research Hub (P) Ltd considers its staff as family members. And if we are capable of help, then we will!

Green Valley Nepal Treks and Research Hub (P) Ltd is involved in international projects such as providing Dental Services, Medical Checks and various educational and environmental programs in schools.

Unique pension fund for staffs:
Green Valley Nepal Treks and Research Hub (P)Ltd has a full insurance policy for all our field workers: trekking guides, mountain climbers, porters et cetera. This unique insurance coverage includes all costs of health cure if injured or sick and serves as a pension fund if any employee is physically disabled and cannot continue on their jobs for the company. This provision is of pension fund is solely enjoyed by the employees for Nepal government.

Any expedition heavily rely on the use of proper equipment. All our equipment are regularly checked and kept in a perfect condition. We continuously invest in the best possible equipment for all staff as these relate to their safety and also ensure the same with our guests.

Service and hospitality at Green Valley Nepal Treks and Research Hub (P) Ltd is an asset besides the professional service we provide.

Moving forward with a multicultural environment:
Interacting with varied cultures from Western travelers is an interesting and enriching experience, but at the same time, all visits imply that Western behavior patterns are introduced into our communities. It is therefore important that visitors are well aware of the possible impacts of their visits. Our Nepalese guides enjoy sharing their knowledge on local customs and traditions.

We prioritize customer care and are dedicated towards ur needs and priorities, which we accomplice taking utmost pleasure.