Bungee Jumping in Pokhara - 1 Day

  • Duration 1 Day
  • Destination Nepal
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Starts at Pokhara
  • Ends at Pokhara
  • Activity Bungee Jumping
  • Group Size 1 to 15
  • Best Season Whole Year (Except Monsoon)
  • Experience the 80-meter-high bungee jumping in Pokhara.
  • One of the most amazing and breathtaking adventurous activities in Pokhara.
  • Watch the mesmerizing view of the surrounding mountains, rivers, and hills.
  • Feel the ultimate thrill of adventures in Pokhara by jumping off the deep gorge.
  • A scenic 15-minute drive from Pokhara lakeside (hotel) to the bungee jumping point.

Bungee Jumping in Pokhara Overview

If you are an adventure hunter and want to go for an activity that actually can pump up your heart's race rate, feel the free fall, and flex your strength and mental ability to take risks, bungee jumping in Pokhara is the best thing you can do. With all the safety measures checked, high-quality materials used, and safety briefing before the jump, bungee jumping in Pokhara offers the safest and one of the most adventurous bungee jumping experiences.

Bungee Jumping in Pokhara is a perfect choice for anyone who loves daring adventures. Jumping off an altitude of 80 meters into the gorge will offer you a feeling of risky adventure. With Green Valley Nepal Treks, you get to jump off the only tower bungee jumping in Hemja.

While going for the bungee jumping in Pokhara, you will witness the beauty offered by nature and also meet several hikers ascending in Day Hike in Pokhara. Before jumping, be sure you've taken all necessary safety measures. The Pokhara Bungee Jump gives you a free fall of five seconds and an 80-meter vertical drop before you bounce back and continue having excitement. Currently, Pokhara is home to Nepal's first tower bungee jump. Take pleasure in Pokhara's unspoiled splendor. All year round, except for the rainy season, Pokhara bungee jumping tours depart daily.

With the best bungee cord made by HighGround and the safest technologies, Pokhara is the perfect place to go bungee jumping. The highest safety requirements are upheld by the expert jump masters. Enjoy the exhilaration of bungee jumping in Pokhara, Nepal.

You can experience ATV Adventure, paragliding, ultra-light flight, rafting, and trekking in Pokhara in addition to bungee jumping. A thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime experience, bungee jumping is one of the most well-liked extreme sports. In Pokhara, bungee jumping from elevated platforms into pristine environments is an authentic adventure. At the bungee jumping location, you can experience an enchanting atmosphere.

A Pokhara bungee jumping trip provides an amazing perspective of the hills, rivers, and Himalayas. We do not advise bungee jumping if you have high blood pressure, heart illness, or neurological conditions. For this adventurous activity, you need to be in sufficiently good physical and mental health. Youngsters under the age of thirteen should not go on a Pokhara bungee jumping trip.

Benefits of Booking Bungee Jumping in Pokhara with us

  • Pickup and drop facility from the hotel to the Bungee Spot and from the Bungee Spot to the hotel.
  • A professional representative/guide to take you to the bungee jumping spot and explain the safety measures.
  • Adventure-packed bungee jumping experience guaranteed.
  • Free photography and videography from the Green Valley Nepal Treks team.
  • Easy booking procedure and flexible payment method.
  • Transparent Bungee Jump Pokhara cost with no hidden charges.

What You Can Expect from Bungee Jumping in Pokhara?

Bungee Jumping takes a lot of guts and self-confidence to take yourself to the edge of the tower and jump from there. For the first few seconds, it's a complete free fall unless the harness reaches its limit.

Not expecting anything from such adventurous activity is not possible at all. So, here are some expectations that you can keep from the Bungee Jumping in Pokhara:

  • Expect the chance to watch the most beautiful view (upside down) of the hills, mountains, and rivers.
  • You can expect an adrenaline-rushing sensation while jumping because the first few seconds are a complete free fall.
  • Even though the sport is pretty much risky bungee jumping simply means jumping from a significant height with a harness. You can still expect a full safety protocol to be followed.
  • Depending upon the water level, you might also get a chance to touch or dip inside the water.
  • You can expect amazing photos and videos to be clicked for you while you enjoy the free fall. (Videography and photography services are complimentary from the Green Valley team.)
  • Bungee jumpers can select amongst different options like solo bungee, and couple jump. Also, you can choose to jump from a height of 101 meters (the cost might increase).

Is Bungee Jumping in Pokhara Suitable For You?

Bungee jumping is not any ordinary sport or activity that anyone can do on their first go. You need to have a strong mindset and a stronger heart to go for this thrilling and adrenaline-popping adventure in Pokhara.

So, to be honest with you, we have to say that Bungee Jumping in Pokhara is not suitable for everyone. Refer to the point below to know whether you can go for the bungee jump or not:

  • If you are regular in adventurous sports and have tried any other bungee jumps before, you are eligible for this.
  • Do you have a strong mindset and are you confident in yourself? In that case, you can go for the bungee jumping in Pokhara.
  • We do not recommend people suffering from acrophobia (fear of heights) to go bungee jumping.
  • Pregnant women, children below 13 years, and heart patients are strictly restricted to go for bungee jumping.
  • If you want to try something new to pump up your adrenaline and give the experience a sensation of free fall, go for the bungee jumping in Pokhara.

Preparation for Bungee Jumping in Pokhara

As we all know Bungee Jumping is one of the most challenging adventurous activities to do. Therefore, adventure hunters must be well-prepared before going for this challenging activity. Here are a few tips for the visitors to prepare for bungee jumping in Pokhara:

  • Listen to your instructors and trust them.
  • Do not panic as you are about to jump off the point.
  • Wear very comfortable and lightweight clothes and shoes.
  • Do not wear your valuables (ornaments).
  • Be very confident and do not panic at all.
  • Retain from looking downwards; instead, look straight forward.

Bungee Jumping in Pokhara Cost 2024 and 2025

Check out the Bungee Jumping price for 2024 and 2025 from the table below and if you have any more queries, feel free to contact us:

No. of PaxStarting PriceAction
1 to 10 USD 55 per personSend Inquiry

Bungee Jumping in Pokhara has a range of costs that are different for Nepalese and foreigners. Moreover, several other factors determine the Bungee Jump Pokhara Price. However, one thing that you can be sure of while booking the package with Green Valley Nepal Treks is that we offer the most reasonable price option for the Bungee Jumping package in Pokhara.

Day to Day Itinerary
Expand allCollapse all

  • Pickup from your hotel and drive to High Ground Bungee Station (15-minute drive)

Early morning after you have your breakfast, Green Valley Nepal Treks' representatives will pick you up from the hotel. After that, you will be driven to the bungee point, which is 15 minutes away from the lakeside.

  • Preparation, Instructions, and Bungee

Once you reach the Highland Bungee Station, the instructors will tell you about the safety measures and other important things. Besides, you will also undergo a check to see if any valuable ornaments are on you or not.

Furthermore, they will also prepare you perfectly for the bungee jumping adventure. Are you ready? A question comes to you, and when you reply "Yes", there you go. The bungee harness is suspended and you start experiencing free fall.

Try to enjoy every moment of the bungee jump, take a look at the surrounding environment, and take poses as you will have a video camera on your wrist. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone. Therefore, Green Valley Nepal Treks wishes the best to the bungee jumpers.

  • Departure and Drive to the Hotel

After you enjoy one of the most amazing bungee jumping experiences in Pokhara, our representatives will receive you again and then drive back to your hotel in a private vehicle.

  • 20 to 30 Minutes
  • 9 Kilometers

Our team guides, porters and accompanying staff are locals with a broad knowledge about each and every location that we travel through.

Cost Includes
  • Pickup from the hotel to the Bungee point.
  • Bungee Jumping Ticket as per the plan you choose.
  • A professional guide or representative to take you from the hotel to the bungee point.
  • Photography and videography.
  • Drive back from Bungee Spot to the hotel after bungee jumping.
Cost Excludes
  • Food or drinks during the bungee jumping adventure trip.
  • National or International Airfares.
  • Any add-ons done in the bungee jumping activity For example; if you book for one jump and want to go for the second jump as well, the cost will not be included.
  • Emergency evacuation or hospital charges (in worst cases).
Departure Dates
Start:FridayJun 14, 2024
End:FridayJun 14, 2024
Start:SaturdayJun 15, 2024
End:SaturdayJun 15, 2024
Start:SundayJun 16, 2024
End:SundayJun 16, 2024
Start:MondayJun 17, 2024
End:MondayJun 17, 2024
Start:TuesdayJun 18, 2024
End:TuesdayJun 18, 2024
Start:WednesdayJun 19, 2024
End:WednesdayJun 19, 2024
Start:ThursdayJun 20, 2024
End:ThursdayJun 20, 2024
Start:FridayJun 21, 2024
End:FridayJun 21, 2024
Start:SaturdayJun 22, 2024
End:SaturdayJun 22, 2024
Start:SundayJun 23, 2024
End:SundayJun 23, 2024
Start:MondayJun 24, 2024
End:MondayJun 24, 2024
Start:TuesdayJun 25, 2024
End:TuesdayJun 25, 2024
Start:WednesdayJun 26, 2024
End:WednesdayJun 26, 2024
Start:ThursdayJun 27, 2024
End:ThursdayJun 27, 2024
Start:FridayJun 28, 2024
End:FridayJun 28, 2024
Start:SaturdayJun 29, 2024
End:SaturdayJun 29, 2024
Start:SundayJun 30, 2024
End:SundayJun 30, 2024
Useful Info

Insights in the Bungee Jumping Adventure Sport

Bungee Jumping is a thrilling adventure activity/sport played in almost every country of the world. People take this activity as the perfect choice to rush their adrenaline. The sport involves jumping from a very high altitude while your ankles are tied with a strong and secured nylon-cased rubber band.

In Nepal, this adventure sport was first established over the Bhote Koshi back in 1999. The bridge was built by a Netherlands entrepreneur and currently, the Last Resort operates this 160m tall bungee jump station. Gradually bungee jumping started getting more and more hype which led to the invention of another bungee station in Hemja.

People from all over the world visit Nepal to try this adventure-packed bungee jumping. One of the major reasons why people prefer the bungee in Nepal or Pokhara is because of the view these bungee stations offer. In many countries, bungee jumping is done over a concrete-cemented floor with views of tall buildings only. However, in Pokhara, you can get the perfect view of the green hills, White Mountains, and river/gorge, which jump off. This makes you more peaceful and boosts the jumper's confidence as well.

Safety Protocols Practiced in Hemja Bungee Jumping

Hemja Bungee Jumping Station is very safe and follows all the safety protocols to ensure the best bungee adventure for travelers. If you are looking to go for a bungee adventure in Pokhara, you can simply book the package with Green Valley Nepal Treks and jump off the Hemja bungee station.

Here are some of the safety protocols practiced in Hemja Bungee Jumping:

  • They use the most advanced and strong nylon-coated rubber band to tie the travelers.
  • At Hemja Bungee Jumping Point, you will be properly instructed before attempting the jump.
  • The safety and security of the adventure-seekers are prioritized.
  • The instructors and operators are professionals with several years of experience in bungee jumping.
  • They also try to build up your self-confidence before attempting the jump.

Bungee Jumping in Pokhara Best Time

One of the most thrilling and action-packed things to do is bungee jumping. Adventure seekers can't stop their hearts racing at the prospect of darting into another dimension. You may find some amazing locations for the greatest bungee jump of your life in Nepal, a nation well-known for its climbing culture.

In Pokhara, bungee jumping is a year-round pastime that only ends during the rainy season. Because the weather is mild and dry, March through May and September through November are ideal for bungee jumping in Pokhara. Because of the sudden fluctuations in the weather during the monsoon season, Green Valley Nepal Treks strongly advises avoiding bungee jumping.

Requirements of Travel Insurance for Bungee Jumping in Pokhara

Purchasing travel insurance is one of the best ways to prepare for any adventure activities in Nepal. Even though travel insurance is not mandatory, Green Valley Nepal Treks encourages travelers to purchase one before heading for the bungee jumping.

There is no doubt that the bungee jumping at Pokhara is very safe and secure. However, as this is a risky adventure sport, you must be more than careful and prepare your best for this adventure sport. Purchasing travel insurance can ensure the following services:

  • Sometimes travelers change their decision at the last moment. In such cases, if you have travel insurance, you can claim the fees.
  • Travel Insurance can also help you during emergency evacuation and hospitalization (in the worst-case scenarios).

You can also claim for several additional expenses if you have travel insurance.

Bungee Jumping in Pokhara Booking Procedure

Are you ready to go for the once-in-a-lifetime adventure? If so, Green Valley Nepal treks have the perfect opportunity for you. You can book the bungee jumping in Pokhara with us. Green Valley Nepal Treks has been offering travel and tour services in Nepal for over two decades.

Besides, our services have also helped us get recognized by different tourism bodies like the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Trekking Agencies Association in Nepal (TAAN), and TripAdvisor. Therefore, you can expect a completely safe and adventurous bungee jumping experience with us.

To book the package, you can simply fill in the details and click on the "Book Now" button on the top-right part of this package description. Besides, you can also contact us via WhatsApp or directly call us at +977-9841392186 (Mr. Arjun Pandey). We request the customers to pay 100% of the total Bungee Jump Pokhara Price beforehand for booking confirmation. Along with that, remember to send us a copy of your passport, passport-size photos, and a copy of your travel insurance (if you have one).

You can make the payment in three different ways: cash payment, bank transfer, or card payment. Besides, you are also heartily welcome to our office at Thamel in case of any queries.

What our travelers saysClient Reviews
  • Google

    Not Scared Of Heights Anymore!

    I was afraid of heights a lot until I went for this Bungee Jump in Pokhara. The gear and the rope were very strong and the instructors were also very encouraging. Done from 80 meters, next time it's going to be from 110 meters.

    SarahApril 18, 2024Netherlands
  • TripAdvisor

    Amazing Jump with Great Experience of Natural Landscape

    This shorter bungee jump was perfect for me as this was my first time attempting bungee. I was a bit nervous but the Green Valley Nepal trek's guide and the bungee instructors helped me regain my self-confidence and go for it. To be honest, I feel like this was the perfect thing I did in my life.

    EmilyMarch 26, 2024Finland
  • The maximum altitude of bungee jump in Pokhara is 110 meters. However, this package presented by GVNT is for the 80-meter bungee at Hemja.

  • There are certain criteria and requirements to be eligible for bungee jumping. For example, anyone below 13 years, or anyone pregnant, or anyone with heart disease is restricted from doing bungee.

  • No, all you need is a bungee jumping ticket which will be provided to you by the Green Valley Nepal Treks' representative.

  • You can go for any number of jumps with this package but with every jump, you must pay extra charges.

  • Yes, you can do that if you select the couple bungee option and pay accordingly.

  • In Pokhara, you get a chance to jump with nature, the green hills, and mountains watching you. Besides, you will also get chance to touch or dip in the water.

  • The Hemja bungee jump is very safe as the operators time and again keep checking the quality and safety level of the gear. Moreover, they also instruct you very well before you attempt the jump.

  • The Hemja Bungee Jumping Station is just 15-minute drive away from the Phewa Lakeside.

  • We recommend that travelers go for this adventure activity either in Autumn or Spring because during these times the weather is clear offering a better experience.

  • You can book this package from Green Valley Nepal treks for the best experience and for that you can visit our website or book directly via WhatsApp.

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