Tours in Nepal

The ideal option for your holiday with friends, family, and coworkers to unwind from your stressful life is a tour of Nepal. Depending on your preferences, you may choose the finest tours in Nepal from a variety of possibilities. The country of Nepal is known for the mighty Mount Everest and eight other mountains with peaks higher than 8,000 meters. In terms of water resources, Nepal is regarded as the second-richest nation. The natural portfolio is spiced up by the over 6000 rivers and rivulets that originate in the hills and mountains.

Various types of animals, birds, fish, flowers, mushrooms and other uncommon fauna and flora are found in forests, which cover approximately 37% of all land of Nepal according to statistics from 2021. Including the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Nepal has more than 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites as part of its illustrious historical and cultural heritage. More than 60 ethnic groups and indigenous communities may be found in Nepal, each with its own traditional lifestyle, culture, and tradition.

The natural greenery and culture of Nepal are not the only things that draw tourists. There are other more activities that draw tourists to Nepal, including bungee jumping, rapids rafting, paragliding, boating, and jungle safaris. The greatest locations for a natural visit are Pokhara, Ghandruk, Chitwan, Bardiya, and Rara, while the best locations for a historical and architectural tour are Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Bandipur, Gorkha, and Nuwakot. With highly skilled tour guides, assistants, and other tourism specialists, Green Valley Nepal Trek is happy to provide exclusive, personalized tour packages only for you.