Gorakshep to Lukla Helicopter Flight - 20 Minutes

  • Duration 1 Hours
  • Destination Nepal
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Starts at Gorakshep
  • Ends at Lukla
  • Max. Altitude 5164 Meters (Gorakshep)
  • Activity Helicopter Tour
  • Group Type Private and Sharing
  • Group Size 1 to 4
  • Best Season Spring and Autumn
  • A time-saving way to descend from Gorakshep to Lukla with so much less physical strain.
  • A luxury flight over the Himalayas with amazing aerial views of the snow-covered peaks, valleys, glaciers, and much more.
  • Must-experience opportunity for anyone seeking luxuries in the Himalayas.
  • Perfect for trekkers having difficulties while descending after completing the Everest Base Camp.
  • A faster way to reach Lukla then to Kathmandu from Gorakshep.
  • No or at least minimal cases or chances of flights getting canceled or delayed.
  • 30 minutes of flying over some beautifully settled Sherpa villages and the most remote terrains of the Nepali Himalayas.
  • Perfectly quality-checked helicopters and flown. Besides, the pilots are also most seasoned and professional with much experience in flying in the Khumbu region.

Gorakshep to Lukla Helicopter Flight Overview

Have you ever imagined how lovely and amazing it would be to get a Gorakshep to Lukla Helicopter Flight after an exhilarating trek to the Everest Base Camp?

Starting with the trek from Lukla at 2840 meters to reaching Kalapatthar at 5545 meters, Everest region trekking certainly is a decent exercise and strain to anyone's body and mind. However, while returning, you can simply skip all those walks just by getting a helicopter flight from Gorakshep to Lukla.

Gorakshep to Lukla Helicopter Flight is a 30-minute-long helicopter ride in the Everest region. This flight is perfect for anyone who seeks some luxury after a challenging and heart-popping walk to 5545 meters. Reaching such a high altitude is certainly a challenging task and you might want to relax while returning. In such a case, most of the trekkers choose the Helicopter flight from Gorakshep to Lukla without any second thoughts.

Green Valley Nepal Treks offers an exciting, relaxing, and amazing helicopter ride to trekkers who do not want to walk down the same path they followed whiletrekking to the Everest Base Camp. Nevertheless, there are also chances of altitude sickness or other issues causing challenges to walk down to Lukla.

We generally offer two types of packages for the Helicopter flight from Gorakshep to Lukla. You can either book a helicopter for a private group. Besides, you can also add yourself to another pre-existing group with fewer people than the threshold criteria.

A helicopter that flies from Gorakshep to Lukla can accommodate 5 people easily on a shuttle flight. Besides, helicopters can even fly in situations where planes get canceled.

Getting on a helicopter flight from Gorakshep to Lukla takes you over several beauties of the Khumbu region. You get the most amazing bird-eye view of different villages habituated by the Sherpa people, tradition-influenced lifestyle, houses, and vegetation of the locals.

Besides, the most remote part of the Khumbu region with no life at all also catches your eye. It takes you around 10 days to reach the Everest Base Camp. Therefore, a helicopter flight to Lukla from Gorakshep is a perfect way to escape around 4-5 more walking expeditions.

We offer another option, the Gorakhshep to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight if you are willing to bypass the risky airplane travel from Lukla to Kathmandu.

Benefits of Booking Gorakshep to Lukla Helicopter Flight with us

One of the most difficult parts of a journey for travelers is to choose a trustworthy travel agency. To make that easy, you can simply go for the Green Valley Nepal Treks. Booking the Helicopter flight from Gorakshep to Lukla can be highly advantageous for you.

Let's check out some of the major benefits, we offer during Gorakshep to Lukla Helicopter flight:

  • Green Valley Nepal Treks offers the most reasonable price for the Helicopter flight from Gorakshep to Lukla.
  • We make sure that the helicopters are highly secured, safe, and led by extremely seasoned pilots for a peak level of passenger safety.
  • In the case of an emergency evacuation, we ensure bare minimum delays and cancelation.
  • Before onboarding the flight, the pilots and the guides provide important and insightful instructions to the trekkers.
  • We check the safety measures in a very detailed manner and make sure that the helicopter also consists of oxygen masks.
  • The pilots are also very cooperative and offer as much assistance and cooperation as they can afford.
  • In case of flight delays due to major unforeseen circumstances, we make sure to arrange the earliest flight for the trekkers.
  • We offer both private as well as group-sharing helicopter flights that the trekkers can choose as per their preferences.

What You Can Expect from Gorakshep to Lukla Helicopter Flight?

  • Trekkers can expect a luxurious, easy, and relaxing return from the Everest Base Camp to Lukla to get a plane flight to Kathmandu.
  • Expect a gorgeous aerial view of the beauties and amazement of the Khumbu region, different peaks, valleys, and remote areas that might not be seen from the land.
  • A Heli flight from Gorakshep to Lukla is also a more convenient and hassle-free way to return from the EBC trek with bare minimum chances of flight cancelation or delays.
  • You can expect to save around 4-5 days with this heli flight that you would have to dedicate to trekking.
  • You are in for a completely new and relaxing yet adventurous heli flight over the Himalayas of Nepal.
  • Expect yourself to be accompanied by the most seasoned and professional pilots with many years of experience flying in the Khumbu region.
  • We assure you that the trekkers can expect a lovely way to escape from the physical strain of walking the same path downwards that took you to the Everest Base Camp.

For Whom Gorakshep to Lukla Helicopter Flight is Suitable?

The Gorakshep to Lukla helicopter flight can be suitable for a wide range of individuals, who are trekking in the Khumbu region.

  • Trekkers Short on Time: Trekking in the Everest region can be a multi-day adventure, but a helicopter flight from Gorakshep can whisk you back to Lukla in about 30 minutes, saving you 4 to 5 days of walking through the hazardous route.
  • Trekkers with Physical Limitations: The trekking route back down from Everest Base Camp can be challenging, especially for those with altitude sickness or other physical limitations. Gorakshep to Lukla helicopter flight eliminates the need to hike back down.
  • Luxury Travelers: If you are looking for a more luxurious way to experience the Everest region, a helicopter flight is a great option. You will get stunning views of the Himalayas without having to rough it on the trail.
  • View the Everest Region with a Different Perspective: A Gorakshep to Lukla helicopter ride offers a breathtaking view of Mount Everest and other adjacent well-known peaks. You don't have to walk back to Lukla along the same path to catch a flight from Lukla to Kathmandu to take in the aerial view of the snow-capped mountains and verdant surroundings.

Preparation for Gorakshep to Lukla Helicopter Flight

  • Book your Flight in Advance: Especially during peak trekking seasons (March-May and September-November), helicopter flights can fill up quickly. Be sure to book your flight well in advance to secure your spot.
  • Check the weather: Helicopter flights are weather-dependent and can be canceled due to high winds, snow, or fog. Check the weather forecast for Gorakshep before your flight, and be prepared for a possible delay.
  • Be acclimatized: Gorakshep is located at a high altitude (5,164 meters), so it's important to be properly acclimatized before flying. This means spending several days trekking at lower altitudes to allow your body to adjust to the thin air.
  • Pack light: There are weight restrictions on helicopter flights, so be sure to pack light. You will only be able to bring a small backpack with you on the flight. Leave any non-essential items at your lodge in Gorakshep.
  • What to wear: Dress warmly for your flight. Even in summer, temperatures at high altitudes can be cold. Wear layers of clothing that you can easily add or remove, as well as sturdy shoes. Sunglasses and a hat are also recommended, as the sun's rays are stronger at high altitudes.

Gorakshep to Lukla Helicopter Flight Cost 2024 and 2025

Green Valley Nepal Treks has operated numerous flights from Gorakshep to Lukla receiving maximum numbers of positive responses from the clients. One of the major plus points that many travelers point out about us is that we offer the most reasonable cost for the Gorakshep to Lukla Flight.

We have also come up with the most reasonable and affordable Gorakshep to Lukla Helicopter Flight Cost for 2024 and 2025. However, let us make it clear that there are different prices as per the group size: 

  • Gorakshep to Lukla Helicopter Flight Costs start at USD 500 per person, and it might increase to USD 1800 based on group size.

No. PaxStarting PriceAction
1 PaxUSD 1800Book Now
2 PaxUSD 900 per PersonBook Now
3 PaxUSD 800 per PersonBook Now
4 PaxUSD 600 per PersonBook Now

If you are in your group and want to experience a heli ride in the Everest region, we recommend you go for the private helicopter flight from Gorakshep to Lukla. You can think that the private helicopter flight belongs to you.

Therefore, you can simply decide the time and do not need to exhaust yourself trying to reach the airstrip on time with fear of missing the flight.

Though a little more expensive than the sharing flights, private helicopter flights are the best way to go from Gorakshep to Lukla. You can be in the company of your buddies and enjoy the fullest.

Day to Day Itinerary
Expand allCollapse all

If your group consists of more than two individuals, your itinerary will begin in Gorakshep, proceed to Pheriche, and end in Lukla. Since just two individuals from Gorkshep and four from Pheriche can be picked up. Remember that there can be a maximum of 4 passengers per flight.

  • Early Morning

Assuming you have already completed the trek to Gorakshep and spent the night there, you will want a very early start. This is because weather conditions are typically best for helicopter flights in the morning before clouds roll in.

  • Helicopter Arrangements

Contact Green Valley Nepal Treks the day before to confirm the pick-up time at the Gorakshep helipad. We will provide a specific window or ask you to be ready at sunrise.

  • Luggage and Packing

We highly recommend packing light at there will be weight restrictions on the helicopter, so only bring a small backpack with essentials. Leave any non-essential luggage at your Gorakshep lodge that can be carried by your potter.

  • Attire:

Dress warmly in layers for the flight, with sturdy shoes and sun protection (sunglasses and hat).

  • Helicopter Flight Take off from Gorakshep

Just two passengers are allowed for a direct pickup from Gorakshep due to the high altitude and weight restrictions. If you are traveling with more than two people, we can set up a shuttle trip to Pheriche, where we will accommodate a maximum of four individuals. This change maximizes the helicopter's performance in the thin mountain air while guaranteeing everyone's safety and comfort.

You will enjoy the breathtaking aerial views of the Everest region as you fly from Gorakshep toward Lukla. You will be mesmerized by the stunning view of the snow-capped mountains. This helicopter flight will provide you with an amazing perspective of Mount Everest and its neighboring peaks. You will also get an aerial view of the lush vegetation of the Khumbu region and Sherpa Settlements.

  • Lukla Arrival

Upon landing in Lukla, you will disembark and make arrangements for onward travel. This could involve connecting to a pre-booked flight back to Kathmandu or finding ground transportation depending on your plans.

  • 20 to 30 Minutes
  • 45 Kilometers

Our team guides, porters and accompanying staff are locals with a broad knowledge about each and every location that we travel through.

Cost Includes
  • The guide leads you to the Gorakshep Airstrip and Lukla Airport.
  • Any extra government charges and taxes included.
  • The total cost of a helicopter flight.
  • Exceptionally seasoned and professional pilots.
Cost Excludes
  • Any types of personal expenses made during the flight.
  • Foods, drinks, or any other services not mentioned in the package details.
  • International airfares or even the fares of transportation from Lukla to Kathmandu.
Departure Dates
Start:FridayJun 14, 2024
End:FridayJun 14, 2024
Start:SaturdayJun 15, 2024
End:SaturdayJun 15, 2024
Start:SundayJun 16, 2024
End:SundayJun 16, 2024
Start:MondayJun 17, 2024
End:MondayJun 17, 2024
Start:TuesdayJun 18, 2024
End:TuesdayJun 18, 2024
Start:WednesdayJun 19, 2024
End:WednesdayJun 19, 2024
Start:ThursdayJun 20, 2024
End:ThursdayJun 20, 2024
Start:FridayJun 21, 2024
End:FridayJun 21, 2024
Start:SaturdayJun 22, 2024
End:SaturdayJun 22, 2024
Start:SundayJun 23, 2024
End:SundayJun 23, 2024
Start:MondayJun 24, 2024
End:MondayJun 24, 2024
Start:TuesdayJun 25, 2024
End:TuesdayJun 25, 2024
Start:WednesdayJun 26, 2024
End:WednesdayJun 26, 2024
Start:ThursdayJun 27, 2024
End:ThursdayJun 27, 2024
Start:FridayJun 28, 2024
End:FridayJun 28, 2024
Start:SaturdayJun 29, 2024
End:SaturdayJun 29, 2024
Start:SundayJun 30, 2024
End:SundayJun 30, 2024
Useful Info

Gorakshep to Lukla Helicopter Flight Best Time

The unusual geography and untamed landforms of the Gorakshep area cause the weather to fluctuate regularly. There is significant variations in the weather and temperature even during the most popular trekking seasons, such as spring and autumn.

Trekkers from Gorakshep to Lukla may therefore find it challenging to be accommodated by the heli service. Winter weather, including heavy snowfall, strong winds, and mists, frequently results in flight cancellations or delays. As such, passengers using the helicopter charter service from Gorakshep to Lukla must exercise precaution.

It might be wiser to keep track of the weather prediction and hire a helicopter or schedule the flight during the day when conditions are favorable. When hiring a helicopter, hikers visiting the Khumbu region during monsoon season should exercise caution to avoid difficulty.

The monsoon's bad weather, which includes constant downpours and windstorms, also makes it impossible for the helicopter to pick up visitors at Gorakshep. It becomes more difficult for pilots to land at this small community, which is perched directly on the brink of a frozen lakebed, due to the ominous clouds that obscure eyesight.

In addition, the heli flight is made even more challenging by the nearby hills and mountains. As a result, passengers will need to exercise caution and reserve their flight only after reviewing the weather forecast. They can schedule their flights for early morning, when there is less probability of rain than throughout the day, to reduce the likelihood of a flight cancellation.

Gorakshep to Lukla Helicopter Flight Difficulty

The helicopter flight from Gorakshep to Lukla takes around 30 minutes. You will be in for one of the best airtime during these 30 minutes exploring the mind-blowing aerial vistas of the Himalayas which cannot be seen from the land.

The helipad is located very close to the Everest Base Camp trek's final stages and also in Gorakshep itself. You do not have to travel a long distance to reach the helipad at all. Besides, the airstrip is also safe for landing and taking off, which means that there are no risks or any other dangers while onboarding the helicopter.

Besides, Lukla airport is also pretty much safe for landing. Moreover, we also have highly professional pilots who have been flying helicopters in the Everest region for a very long time.

Effect of Weather on the Helicopter Flight from Gorakshep to Lukla

As we all know Gorakshep is almost at the topmost part of the Everest Base Camp Trek route. This specific place is located at an altitude of 5140 meters. Due to such high altitudes, the weather conditions in Gorakshep cannot be fixed determination. It can suddenly become best to worst or worst to best at any time possible.

However, even in a significantly bad weather condition causing lower visibility cannot affect the helicopter schedule. Yes, helicopters can take off and fly even in poor weather conditions where airplane services cannot operate at all.

Therefore, if you book the helicopter flight from Gorakshep to Lukla, you will not have to worry about the weather affecting your heli flight. However, if the conditions are worse than imaginable, you can also postpone the heli flight schedule or get a complete refund if you do not want to reschedule the flight.

Gorakshep to Lukla Helicopter Flight Safety and Quality

If you book the helicopter flight from Gorakshep to Lukla with Green Valley Nepal Treks, we ensure that all the helicopters are very safe and highly quality-assured. Besides, we have been operating the heli services for a long time for trekkers' ease and have never received negative reviews at all.

Gorakshep and Lukla are certainly two places at high altitudes. Therefore, the helicopters must also be adaptive and easily fly over high altitudes. Along with that, these heli rides also highly depend on the skills and expertise of the pilots.

Green Valley Nepal Treks team works with the highly reputed heli service providers in Nepal, who keep their helicopters up-to-date and check their safety every once in a while. Moreover, the helicopters also have oxygen masks for the cases of emergency. Therefore, you can be completely terror-free regarding the safety and quality of the helicopters flying from Gorakshep to Lukla.

Gorakshep to Lukla Helicopter Flight Weight Limits

Safe flights of the helicopters from Gorakshep to Lukla also highly depend upon the weight limitations that the helicopter manufacturers set while manufacturing. As per the standards of the helicopters flying in the Khumbu region, they can carry a maximum weight of 3050 to 500 kg.

In case you overload the helicopter, uncertain and unpleasant circumstances can occur. In that matter, weight limits must be followed perfectly by the travelers and if you have any confusion about the baggage and your belongings or weight limits, please ask us or the guide to clarify before you board the flight.

Also, remember that the maximum number of passengers in one fleet is five. So, are you in a group of more than five people? In that case, we recommend you book two different helicopter packages. Besides, you can also go on a sharing basis in such cases. This can be found if you contact us a few days before the date you need the helicopter for.

Gorakshep to Lukla Helicopter Flight Booking Procedure

Booking the helicopter flight from Gorakshep to Lukla with Green Valley Nepal Treks is a hassle-free and regression-less thing to do. We have created the easiest booking procedure and interface for the users.

To book the helicopter flight from Gorakshep to Lukla:

  • First Step: Go to the topmost part of this package. There, you can check the rightmost side where you can see a "book now" button.
  • Second Step: Fill in all the necessary details and click on the button to submit your booking request.
  • Third Step: Pay the total sum of the amount.

If you have any questions or queries, you can contact us on WhatsApp or call us at +977 9841 392186 (Arjun Pandey). For payment, Nepal offers three choices: direct cash, bank payment, or card payment. You can make the payment from anywhere or also visit our office at Thamel for the payment before heading out for the trek.

What our travelers saysClient Reviews
  • TripAdvisor

    Had It Been A Plane Flight, We Would Have Stuck Up There For Some More Days!

    The weather was not good when our flight took off. Seriously, if it was a plane flight or even if we were to come down on our own, we could not do that on that particular day. We called Arjun at Green Valley and told him about the weather.

    That's when he suggested we return on a helicopter flight as that would operate even in such weather. We agreed and he found a group for us within the next 20 minutes. Also, the flight was onboarded the next day.

    Within 30 minutes, we reached Lukla. The flight was amazing and the team we came with, also was so friendly. We enjoyed the flight to the fullest. Just would love to thank Arjun for suggesting this amazing heli ride over the Himalayas.

    MatthiasMay 16, 2024Australia
  • TrustPilot

    Best Alternative for Descending the Trail to Lukla From The EBC!

    Everest Base Camp was tiring along with being one of the best trekking routes in Nepal. When me and my group were being described about the trekking route by Raj. We looked at each other and were like, "Climbing is okay but descending must have some easier alternative."

    That's when Raj told us about the Heli return to Lukla, one of the best alternatives for an easy and luxurious descent from the Everest Base Camp to Lukla. We were a group of five friends which was perfect for booking a private flight from Gorakshep to Lukla.

    The flight was amazing and mesmerizing. We enjoyed the flight as equally as we enjoyed the Everest Base Camp. Huge credit to Raj and Green Valley Nepal Treks for suggesting such an amazing alternative.

    PhilipApril 25, 2024Netherlands
  • There are very low chances of heli flights being canceled or delayed, if there is a high possibility of heavy rainfall or snowfall.

  • Helicopters do allow children in the helicopter under the guidance and watch of their parents or guardians. However, most of the time, they might not allow pets.

  • Yes, you can certainly book the helicopter flight from Gorakshep to Lukla with GVNT. However, there might be a certain rise in the cost. Nevertheless, if you are a solo traveler, we recommend you go for the sharing options for a more reasonable cost.

  • This completely depends upon type of helicopter flight booking. If you go on a sharing basis, there will certainly be other people on the flight. However, if you book the flight as a solo passenger, you will be all on your own.

  • Yes, the helicopter that flies in the Everest region typically has a 350 to 500 kg weight limit. Besides, the maximum number of passengers is 5 passengers per fleet.

  • If you feel difficulty after reaching EBC and would like to return on the heli, you can contact Green Valley Nepal Treks and we will arrange the helicopter flight for you.

  • Yes, we work with the best helicopter operators in Nepal. These operators have highly experienced pilots who have been flying in the Himalayas of Nepal for a very long time.

  • Gorakshep stands at an altitude of 5164 meters and Lukla is at an altitude of 2860 meters.

  • The heli flight takes around 30 minutes to reach from Gorakshep to Lukla.

  • Yes, until and unless the situation is extremely worse, a helicopter from Gorakshep flies at the exact time every day.

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