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Green Valley Nepal Treks & Research Hub Pvt. Ltd. essentially integrates Eco-friendly trekking, tour and research for groups as well as individuals. Founded and run by dedicated, experienced and academic team of professionals, the company has been organizing trekking, peak climbing, adventure travel, expedition, tours and research for individuals and small groups as well as the larger parties such as business holidays, airlines crews and travel agents tours in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

Green Valley Nepal Treks has been exploring and promoting non-touristy areas in the recent years. These tours are preferred by travelers interested in deviating from the normal course and avoiding crowded destinations, making their own trails. Provisioned with a guide cum translator, these tours offer a distinct charm for explorers, researchers and extreme adventure seekers. Special package tours for school and college students are also conducted for small groups by well trained and experienced guides.

Ours is a team of trekking and climbing guides, porters and tour operators who have a ten to twenty years of experience in the tourism industry. We are an approved Trekking Agency (Trekking Company) by Government of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. Green Valley Nepal Trekking Company is Government registered with affiliation to Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Tourism Board, Government Of Nepal, Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Kathmandu Environmental Education project (KEEP), Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA) et cetera.

Green Valley Nepal Treks gives utmost attention to the conservation of the environment. We conduct awareness programs to preserve the local environment and are committed to trekking in a way that helps maintain the natural beauty along the trails. While on climbing and camping endeavors, teams at Green Valley Nepal Trekking Company always carries Kerosene or Gas stove, so as to prohibit the use of local wood for cooking.

We cover a wide range of interests in the field of travel, adventure, research and expedition. Adventure trekking tours in Nepal includes expeditions to the Himalayas, trekking, peak climbing, day hiking, mountain biking, rafting, wildlife safari and even mountaineering in Tibet and Bhutan.

Green Valley Nepal Treks has successfully introduced thousands around the world to mountaineering. Trekking, adventure tours and peak climbing in Nepal has proved to be highly successful and recommended by our previous clients. We would like to add a cautionary note here to not book packages and tours under non-registered or illegal travel agencies/companies. These companies manage tours at a cheaper rate but do not cover insurance policies or emergency helicopter rescue in cases of unprecedented mishaps. Choose a legal and registered trekking agency to ensure you safety and comfort.

Green Valley Nepal Treks aims to offer the best travel, mountaineering and trekking services available in Nepal. We are committed to offering you with the most suitable packages that you have on your mind in the best value, and gladly custom design trips with your specific budget and priorities on mind. Our staffs are dedicated in providing worthy services that is motivated towards providing a ‘once in a life time’ journey in the Himalayas to all the guests. They readily share interesting facts not only about the Himalayas, but about Nepali culture, history and religion as well. The large clientele which is forever expanding is a product of a noteworthy list of adventurers returning home with exciting stories of exploration in and around the Himalayas.

We guarantee that your trip will be an unforgettable memory cherished through your lifetime. Green Valley Nepal Treks heartily invites you to put our claim to the test. Let us design your holiday with your special interests and needs in mind, whether those be in trekking, expedition in the Himalayas, peak climbing, wildlife safari, river rafting, bird watching, visiting historical places of Nepal, hiking or exploring remote areas and trekking or touring in Tibet and Bhutan.

We heartily welcome all of you to join us for a memorable and wonderful adventure trip in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan with Green Valley Nepal Treks.

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