Charity Program in Nepal

Volunteer Nepal struggles to serve and improve the relationship between the Nepalese people and volunteers who seek a heartfelt, life-changing experience.

Our Mission:

We are dedicated to arranging for volunteers to come to Nepal and be completely engrossed in the culture. Through our placement of the volunteers into the homes of Nepalese families, where they share in the daily life of the average Nepalese while working in the community, we have found that the experience is life-altering and asserting for both the Nepalese and the volunteers.

Please read more about us and learn about how you can change lives by joining our volunteer efforts.
Volunteer opportunities are available in many parts of Nepal, in both rural and urban areas.
We offer a wide variety of programs to suit your flairs and passions. We are also able to work with you to design an exclusive program that meets your goals.

View Opportunities:

Volunteer programs are available in many parts of Nepal, in both rural and urban areas. Below are some of the assignments:

  • Teach at a School
  • Assist at an Orphanage
  • Improve Community Health and Environmental Awareness
  • Work at a Homeless Shelter
  • School and Community Maintenance
  • Village Planting and Harvesting
  • Cultural Exchange Record Oral Histories, Legends, and Myths in Village Life
  • Assist in Rural Village Medical Centers

We arrogance ourselves on our aptitude to tailor your interest to a specific plan; if your interest or expertise should fall outside the scope of the above listings, then we would request that you inform of that 6 weeks in advance of when you want to serve, so that we can design a specific program for you.

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