Manaslu Region Trekking

Manaslu Treks were opened only in 1992 only and retains its pristine feel of rich cultural heritage, biological diversity and explicit beauty. Manaslu stands 8156m tall and is the eighth highest peak in the world, located near the border to Tibet. Trekking to Manaslu is a rich experience of natural beauty, mountain culture and lifestyle and amazing topography and vegetation. Breath taking views from Larkya La and many other passes and viewpoints will leave any traveler awestruck.
Trekking to Manaslu requires special permits as we are entering restricted areas, which we at Green Valley Nepal Treks would easily manage for you. The Manaslu region is highly influenced by Tibetan culture which can be seen in the hidden valley of Tsum, a mesmeric fairytale land. Accommodation gets limited and challenges get tougher as we move higher and deeper into the trek. However, it is equally rewarding with beautiful landscapes and unique culture.

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