Peak Climbing in Nepal

Nepals most fascinating range of Himalayan mountains, with 1310 peaks above 5500 meters, which includes Mount Everest at 8848 meters is the main reason for many people visiting this country. Its a paradise for professional mountaineers as well as enthusiasts, as every peak has its own challenge. Climbing a peak requires basic mountaineering skills such as using ice axes and ropes to climb on snow and ice. Trekking peaks (5587m to 6654m) fall under the peak climbing mountains, which is scalable for any fit trekker or climber. Peak Climbing became a famous after ascend of Mt. Everest by Tenzing Norgey Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hilary in 1953.
Green Valley Nepal Treks assigns special guides who are experienced in high elevation mountaineering. These guides are trained in acclimatization and safety in thin air and are regularly involved in scaling peaks. The supervision of these professionals will help you ascend peaks without danger. Peak climbing is without doubt, the best adventure in Nepal and suitably programmed with a trek, helps to acclimatize and familiarize you with the environment.
While on any trip, Green Valley Nepal Treks uses the best equipment so that the crew and the clients do not have to worry about their safety from malfunction. We believe in Eco-friendly trips so that our future generations can also enjoy the same natural beauty we rejoice today.

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