Rafting in Nepal

Nepals unique setting with rivers flowing down the high Himalayas to form rapids as it moves down to the plains makes it a very suitable place for river rafting. Rafters find Nepal the most suitable place as the thrill of rafting and kayaking along with beautiful backdrop of mountain scenery makes it unmistakably in the top of the list. Rich in ethnic and cultural diversity, the country also offers an insight to rural lifestyle where subsistence farming is practiced in many parts. This diversity essentially attracts a huge number of adventurers to venture on a journey through the white waters.

Rafting brings sudden thrills along the rapids and sets the adrenaline rush, making each journey a worthwhile experience. Nepals rivers have been graded as per the skill level of rafters. The team of rafters at Green Valley Nepal Treks are all well experienced with the wildest of the rapids and well versed over emergency rescues. Camping in the clear white sands during the evenings for a campfire is another interesting part of the journey. Kayaking would add more fun to the adventure.

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