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  • Green Valley - Everest Three Passes Trek Review

    Green Valley - Everest Three Passes Trek Review

    May 25, 2018

    The Three Passes Trek is the ultimate tour of the Everest region. It was my first trek at altitude, and I was a little concerned about attempting this route, but I am so happy I did it. The Three Passes Trek takes you off the beaten path (read crowded trail) of the straight up and down EBC route, and provides all of the highlights of the region, both in terms of stunning mountain views and the local culture.

    We completed our clockwise circuit (Renjo Pass, Cho La Pass, and Kongma La Pass) in 17 days, and probably could have accomplished everything in about 15 days, however it was important to have some buffer space to acclimatize and rest. Be prepared for cold weather and snow - we had about a foot of fresh snow going over the Cho La Pass, which created a beautiful scenery along with an extra hard push to the top.

    Also, expect to spend time in Lukla after your trek is done as flight delays are the norm. It is definitely a much more challenging route, but the rewards are absolutely worth the effort!

    I cannot say enough good things about Green Valley and the organization of this trek.

    I decided to book with Green Valley for a few reasons, but one of them was the level of communication Rajendra Lamichhane (Raj)
    provided from the beginning. He took the time to respond to all of my questions (I had a lot) before I even booked my trip with them. I felt comfortable trusting the logistics to him and his team, and I do not regret it at all - they provided me with choices and executed all my decisions perfectly, including hotels in Kathmandu, internal travel, the trek itself, as well as a side trip to Chitwan and jungle safari.

    Raj stayed in touch with me throughout my time in Nepal to ensure everything was going well, troubleshooting issues on the fly (delays in Lukla), and making sure I was safe. He even relayed messages to my wife back home for me (I did not have reception at higher altitudes, but my guide did - Raj worked with Nabin to get messages to my wife). It was these little things that exceeded my expectations that made my experience with Green Valley so memorable.

    HOWEVER, in the end the trekking experience really comes down to your guide - and Green Valley provided me with the absolute best. Nanda Lal Rai (Nabin) was professional, experienced, fun, supportive, knowledgeable and an all around good person. I would not have been able to complete the Three Passes without Nabin. He always had a smile on his face, which was contagious even during the more strenuous portions of our journey together. He made recommendations on the food I should eat each day based on his experience for energy requirements, would ensure I was drinking enough to stay hydrated, and that I had enough tea to stay warm.

    There is a lot of down time on treks like this, and it was an absolute pleasure to get to know Nabin on a personal level. He is an outstanding person and I am lucky enough to have had the pleasure to spend 18 days with him. Nabin made my trek in Nepal what it was - outstanding! Thank you my friend for such a wonderful experience.

    I will absolutely be back to Nepal again, with my wife next time, and I plan to organize everything through Green Valley…. with Nabin as our guide of course.

    Cameron , United States
  • You will never regret , If you choose Green Valley

    You will never regret , If you choose Green Valley

    May 26, 2018

    Because we knew one of the owners KP Dhital from a former trip, we chose his new company Green Valley .And we are so happy for our chose.
    Our trip was a couple of days in Katmandu. A trip to Pokhara with trekking and five days in Bhutan.
    Everything -absolute everything - was perfect.
    Pick up in airport. Charming hotel in Thamel- hotel Florid-
    Good bus to Pokhara and really nice hotel in Pokhara. We saw everything we wanted to see in Pokhara and had a couple of days of trekking.
    Flight back to Katmandu and after that five wonderful days in Bhutan.
    We had an excellent service on the whole trip.
    KP was everywhere and ready to fullfill our wishes.
    We really got value for our money and we recommend this company to everybody who want good service and fair prices.

    Roskilde Jakobi , New Zealand
  • 10 day trek to ABC Annapurna Base Camp)

    10 day trek to ABC Annapurna Base Camp)

    May 28, 2018

    I came across Green valley treks whilst searching the net. I had read some great reviews so to be honest thought I’d give them a go.....and I’m so glad we did!
    Arjun was super quick to respond and kept me updated with all travel/trek arrangements via WhatsApp which was great!
    Everything went really smoothly, from airport transfers, hotel accommodation, communications and most importantly our guide Raj!
    We couldn’t have wished for a nicer guide. Raj was Friendly, fun, informative, helpful, knowledgable and just great to be around.
    We also had a lovely porter too, gurung Dai, who we couldn’t have managed without!
    The trek itself was just breath taking. So much to see, and the Himalayan range is just incredible! LOTS of steps!! That’s my only warning ;)
    We had an extra day in Pokhara which was lovely. we actually wanted more time there, so if you can, grab an extra day in peaceful Pokhara.
    My partner and I are both vegan, and didn’t find it difficult at all in Nepal. Quite a lot of restaurants actually have vegan menus :)
    We loved our guide that much we booked a Kathmandu city tour on the last day which was AWESOME!!
    Nepal we absolutely loved you, Green Valley thank you for making our dreams come true.
    Namaste! xx

    Jessica Ruthhughes , United Kingdom
  • Annapurna Basecamp with Green Valley Nepal Treks

    Annapurna Basecamp with Green Valley Nepal Treks

    May 28, 2018

    Last week I did the Annapurna Basecamp trekking. Enjoyed it really much. Everything was well organized. Many credits to the guide Bharias. He took really good care of everyone. And also the porters they were helpful and friendly. They were there for us 24/7. Thank you for everything. I would highly recommend this travel agency

    Emmie , Netherlands
  • Short trek at Annapurna circuit

    Short trek at Annapurna circuit

    May 29, 2018

    The trek was fabulous! It had some challenging parts but I managed to pull through. The view is just stunning and the facilities are much better than most other trekking areas, with proper place to sleep and some even hot showers. Rooms usually have no A/C or fans but that's because the weather is plenty cold. Drinking water might have to pay for safe drinking water as I had abit of stomach issues when drinking the tap water despite putting in pills. I was lucky that the view was crystal clear the morning I went up to Poon Hill. Food was marvelous as well.

    I have to give thanks to Green Valley Nepal for organising everything for me, it was such a breeze. Everything was taken cared of from the moment I touched down at Kathmandu. The service given by the staff is excellent. Thank you to Arjun for always replying any queries I have in less than 24hrs, even on weekends. Hotel and transport they provided were adequate enough, abit luxurious for me as I'm used to staying at hostels and just taking taxis.

    Special thanks to my guide as well, Susant, he was a wonderful guide. Always going the extra mile in service which I am honestly not used to. He even shared many fun facts about Nepal and the Annapurna circuit. I would definitely pick him again, spectacular guide. Overall my experience was marvelous!

    Ibrahim , India
  • Everest base camp trek

    Everest base camp trek

    May 31, 2018

    Hi there,
    want to share my experience of tracking with Green Valley )
    i've been doing Everest Base Camp in the beginning of May 2018.
    So why did i chosed Green Valley?
    first of all, i was recommended by my friends, who did treking with them and everything was perfect.
    2. Price - absolutely reasonable and fair.
    3. Local management and guides. Why it is important? Nepal is all about connections, so if any problem accurs its much easier to solve it if you have connections.
    Before comming to Nepal we were communicating with Arjun in whatsapp, and its very useful cause if you have any quastion about thr track or gear you can ask.
    In Kathmadu taxi picked me up and we got to Florid Hotel, in the center of tourist block were you can find everything for your track in just 5 minute walking
    Also we were provided sleeping bags, down jackets and big bags for porters if needed, or bag to leave your staff that you dont need for your treking in the hotel
    About porters: its up to you should you take it or not but if its your first time on such altitude my recommendation is to take it.
    On the next mornig we left for the mountains, morning taxi were waiting for our 3 people group.
    In Luckla we met our giude Kesarman so since that moment he took care about everything.
    We payed for nothnig on our track, only for some extra snack or some spare socks or something similar in Namche (best place for buying extra stuff for tracking if you need)
    The tracking was perfect: food, accomondation, schedule, speed of ascend - everything was good and reasonable.
    None of us got not even a hint on altitude sickness (i should mention that 2 of us were taking Diamax starting from Namche),
    Also we were recommended by Arjun and Kesarman not to eat meat, milk, cheese or western food durign the track which was super useful.
    Cause we met a lot of people who told us they were suffering from diarrhea on their track (thats when you need your porter!)

    We reached Base Camp and got back and organization of everithing were amazing.
    our guide help us a lot with or depature from Luckla. weather conditions were not good and number of flights were limited thanks to Arjun and Kesarman we got to Kathmandu as were planed.

    So as they say you can reach Everest Base Camp without giude cause its almost impossible to lost your way there
    but if you have never been there before i wouldnt do it alone by the only reason:
    what you gonna do without a guide who speaks local languge and konws everyone and everithing if something happen. So think twice.

    Now i can strongly recommend Green Valley Nepal treks.
    Alexander (Russia)

    Aleshander , Russian Federation

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