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All flights from Kathmandu are being rerouted to Ramechhap as of April 1, 2023. Till the middle of May, we anticipate that there will still be detours. Here is how your trek would be affected if you have to travel to Lukla through Ramechhap.

Lukla Flights diverted to Ramechhap in anticipation of the next trekking seasons from September to November and March to May as usual. According to information from the Nepal Aviation Authority, the Lukla flight will depart from Ramechhap, which frequently has runway delays because of aviation traffic in the Kathmandu terminal.

There will be a detour to Manthali airport in the Ramechhap district for all trekking activities from Kathmandu to Lukla and the other way around. Trekkers will now have to fly to and from the regional airport in Ramechhap rather than Kathmandu.

About 140 kilometers (85 miles) from Kathmandu, Ramechhap is a simple little town with a tiny airfield and very few accommodations for tourists. About 4 to 5 hours are needed to get from Kathmandu to the airport. However, depending on traffic, the return trip might take an additional 5 to 6 hours. These detours will affect all trekkers who take the Lukla aircraft to the Everest Region, regardless of the airline or tour operator you selected.

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Why Flight Divert To Ramechhap?

Ramechhap is the new destination for flights from Lukla to Kathmandu because of heavy traffic and a huge number of visitors throughout the peak trekking seasons. In Nepal, spring (March through May) and fall (September through November) are the busiest travel seasons.

Benefits of Flying from Ramechhap to Lukla

In addition to severe weather, Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu traffic congestion also contributes to frequent aircraft delays and cancellations. The finest feature is that Ramechhap Airport exclusively operates flights to Lukla.

Since the Ramechhap Manthali Airport solely handles Lukla flights, it can swiftly reopen whenever the weather improves. It raises the likelihood that you'll travel to Lukla.

A backlog of flights may result from airline cancellations and delays, lengthening your trip by a few extra days. Backlog management will be simpler because Ramechhap only conducts flights to Lukla.

The flight takes around 20 minutes and departs from Ramechhap Airport, which is closer to Lukla than Kathmandu. Even though there are fewer aircraft, when the weather is favorable, there might be more flights.

When traveling from Ramechhap to Lukla, you don't need to add any extra days to your plan. To take a flight to Lukla, however, you must depart as early as 2 am for Ramechhap. If you don't want to jeopardize your ability to get a decent night's sleep, get to Ramechhap one day before your trip and get a hotel room.

What is the Distance between Manthali Airport and Lukla Airport?

Manthali Airport and Lukla Airport are around 73.4 kilometers apart. Manthali to Lukla is reached by a 20-minute flight, which is a highly safe and beautiful route leading to the starting point of the Everest Base Camp Trek and other Everest Region Trekking.

Kathmandu to Ramechhap Manthali Airport Route

What Time Will We Depart From Ramechhap to Lukla?

In Kathmandu, we usually check out of the hotel at approximately two in the morning. Ahead of the walk, a briefing is held at the hotel at the scheduled departure time. Ramechhap will serve as the departure point for the aircraft to Lukla, which will depart between the hours of 6 and 10:30 in the morning.

What Is The Alternative Option To Fly From Kathmandu?

Those who prefer not to take the direct airplane to Lukla Airport or the highway to Manthali Airport. They can take a helicopter trip to the world’s most dangerous airport i.e. Lukla Airport. A helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Lukla costs $2500 USD for a 5-person journey.  Tenzing Norgay Airport at Lukla (2,860m), which is reached after a 40–50 minute helicopter ride from Kathmandu, is the highest point in the world. The most common flying excursions in this area are the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tours with Landing Flights. You can also participate in sharing a helicopter flight to Lukla from Kathmandu airport it will only cost USD 500 per person. Green Valley Nepal Treks operate Helicopter Flight to Lukla from Kathmandu on a daily basis.

What Is the Accommodation Option in Ramechhap If Incase Flight Cancel?

You should remain at Manthali if you have an early flight to Lukla, as we advise. But the real question is: Are there enough lodging options in Manthali?

Manthali is not a well-liked vacation spot. It is also not a very well-equipped location. Manthali's lodging options are limited, and the amenities are likewise simple. Manthali will see a lot of tourists at the busiest times of the year since the Lukla aircraft is diverted from Kathmandu to Lukla. Additionally, staff members and flying crews will be lodging there. Therefore, the little accommodations offered here could not be sufficient.

You can leave Kathmandu early in the morning, perhaps around 2 AM, to take a flight to Lukla that day rather than staying in Manthali itself. If in case you need to stay in Manthali Green Valley Nepal Treks will arrange basic accommodation nearby the airport.

How Long Does It takes to Drive from Kathmandu to Ramechhap and Vice Versa?

Domestic airport Manthali is located in the center of the Ramechhap district, about 132 kilometers (km) east of Kathmandu. It takes close to 4 to 5 hours to drive along the BP Highway to get to the airport from Kathmandu. Manthali is a small town with few visitors, but this trekking season will undoubtedly change.

What Time We Have To Leave From Kathmandu to Ramechhap?

Unbelievably, the most common choice among hikers is to leave Kathmandu for Ramechhap at two to three in the morning. The explanation is straightforward: this arrangement doesn't need you to add a day to your schedule. In addition, you arrive in Ramechhap by 6:30 am, giving you enough of time to get ready for your flight to Lukla, stretch your legs, and eat breakfast.

How Long Will These Diversions To Ramechhap Be Taking Place?

Since late 2019, there has been a consistent Lukla aircraft diversion from Tribhuvan International Airport to Manthali Airport. The single international airport in Nepal has a small capacity and sees a lot of traffic, thus it appears to continue for the upcoming seasons. As the sole airport in both Kathmandu and Nepal, Tribhuvan International Airport has to deal with a large number of takeoffs and landings on both a national and international level.  Due to this, several of the planes, including the one to Lukla, have taken a detour to the Manthali airport.

It's likely that aircraft departing to Lukla will continue to be diverted to Manthali Airport in accordance with the airlines' instructions.  The Nepal Aviation Authority will continue to use this procedure until a suitable alternative becomes available. At Tribhuvan International Airport, there has to be an improvement in the overcrowding of aircraft. For Nepal, this doesn't really appear to make sense. However, the diversion continues without building an airport to ease congestion at Nepal's sole international airport.

We apologize in advance to all of the hikers attempting to reach Lukla since we are aware that the detour would cause tremendous trouble to you all. We let everyone who is currently trekking know about this in order to assist all the impacted hikers. After a lengthy bus trip, the difficulty of getting to Lukla is undoubtedly increased by the diversion to Ramechhap.

But for the time being, it cannot be avoided and must be managed by all hikers. Therefore, all we would want to say is that we will try to make the planned events go as smoothly as possible. Aside from that, let's hope the hikes go according to schedule and the airport in Kathmandu opens up shortly.

How Green Valley Nepal Treks Cater to its Customers?

  • Step 01: Pickup from the hotel early in the morning around 2 AM and drive to Manthali airport which might take 4 to 5 hours.
  • Step 02: For transportation to Manathali airport we will arrange private or sharing (depending on group size) without any extra cost.
  • Step 03: Manthali airport representative will help fort check-in and will arrange your boarding pass.
  • Step 04: You will meet your trekking guide in Lukla.
  • Step 05: When you return from your journey our driver will take you from Manthali airport back to Kathmandu.

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